Block unknown numbers on Whatsapp

blocked numbers whatsapp The operation of Whatsapp foresees to be able to contact only the people of whom we have the telephone number and to be able to be contacted by whoever has our number, without the need of friend requests or similar as it happens instead with other apps like Skype or Facebook Messenger.
All those who install the application are registered to Whatsapp automatically via the phone number and can contact anyone.
You can call and send messages via Whatsapp without one solution to block unknown numbers.
Although there is no option of this type, WhatsApp allows us to limit the reception of messages from strangers and from annoying contacts that we do not intend to save in the address book.
In this article, we see some ways to block anonymous messages from people we don’t know so as not to be disturbed.1) Block specific contactsAs already explained in another article, it is rather easy to block specific contacts on Whatsapp.
If the number of the person from whom we don’t want to receive phone calls and messages is in our address book, you can block it from the same contact screen.
You can then open the chat with the contact to be blocked on Whatsapp, touch its name at the top to get the information screen, scroll down and touch the red button to block the contact.
In addition to the block, you can also touch the button to report the contact as Spam, in order to notify Whatsapp that that number is used to send annoying, annoying, stalking or advertising messages.
WhatsApp allows you to block one contact at a time, so if you need to add more contacts to the blocked list, you will need to repeat the previous steps for all.

NOTE: The list of blocked numbers is located in Settings of Whatsapp, going up Account> Privacy.
From this list, it is possible to unlock the numbers to allow them to contact us and send us messages.

2) Block specific numbers

If someone disturbs us and we don’t have his number in the phonebook, to block it on Whatsapp it’s still necessary to add it to our list of contacts, even before he can send messages or call.
To lock it, tap the button to send a message, then press on its profile picture and not on the name.
From the profile photo, press the button to go to the contact card and find the option to lock it in the same way as seen above.
You can also block specific numbers by going up Settings> Account> Privacy> Blocked.

3) Block an unknown number that writes to us on WhatsApp

In the event that annoying messages are received or that we are not interested in an unknown number that we do not have in the address book, Whatsapp provides a very simple method of blocking.
Once we receive the first chat message from a number we don’t know, WhatsApp will post a warning about the fact that “this number is not in your contacts“, with the direct possibility to block it or report it as spam in the same chat window.
You can then block any unknown number that contacts us with a quick touch on the button that appears in the chat to not see its messages anymore.

NOTE: In Whatsapp, it is not possible to send anonymous messages, however, some applications could be used for this purpose (for example Wassame, which at the moment does not work).

4) Keeping your WhatsApp account private limits your chances of being contacted by strangers

Whatsapp privacy settings can be effectively used to keep outsiders away.
In particular, in Settings> Account> Privacy, you can hide the information like the profile picture, info, status, last access.
You can, therefore, hide this information from everyone or anyone who is not on our contact list.
Unknown contacts will always be able to send us messages, but our profile card will appear without any images and information, leaving, in any case, the doubt whether we are really us or if we are present in chat.
It should be noted that unknown numbers will not be able to receive read receipts from us.

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