BMW opens the doors of its factories to Figure robots

An army of robot humanoids enters inside one production plant. It is not the plot of a new science fiction film, but what was established by the first one Figure’s commercial agreement with BMW.

Figure is a company founded by Brett Adcockwhich deals with the robot development, with extraordinary movement capabilities. Suffice it to say that in recent weeks a video has been shown in which the model Figure 01 proves capable of prepare a coffee for a user.

A seemingly simple operation, considering what it requires hundreds of complex movements. And therefore a considerable level of coordination between “mind” and body.

What does the agreement between Figure and BMW include

Figure he signed a commercial agreement with BMWwhich will first lead to the training of its robots at the Spatanburg industrial complex in Carolina. A scenario that recalls that of the employment agency Pulled off.

Founder and CEO Adcock admitted that he had long hoped to engage with the world of automotive production. Above all because it is a sector that has already put itself to the test humanoids.

However, Figure promises to go far beyond the simple process automation. Bringing robots capable of performing manipulative operations of a higher level.

There is still great secrecy about the activities that will actually be entrusted to robot Figure 01. But some rumors speak of the company’s particular interest in the branch of car body.

The plan includes a premiere phase in test, which will take a small number of robots its one specific amount of operations. In case of positive feedback, the idea is to scale the process: both from the point of view of the number of humanoids and from that of the operations to be entrusted to them.

At the same time, Figure continues his work long-term objectives: one above all, expand it as much as possible range of activities available to their robots. With particular attention to publicwhich, explains Adcock, will always be informed about progress facts.

What to expect from robots in the future

The contract signed by BMW and Figure is not the first to integrate humanoid robots into the world of work. Think in this sense about Amazonwhich has already carried out tests with the Digit model by Agility Robotics. Or, staying on the automotive theme, of HondaIt’s Toyota.

The impression is that i humanoid robots will gradually be involved in an increasing number of sectors and activities. An eventuality that some industry experts are looking at with enthusiasm, with a view to machines that could liberate the human being by the need to perform physical and tiring work.

The evolution of systems artificial intelligence could play a key role in the evolution of robots: especially to improve their movement ability. And to increase the number of interactions available.

It is no coincidence that according to Brett Adcock the cycle of interest in robots it hasn’t reached its peak at all. According to the CEO this kind of technology is simply in take-off phase. And he is convinced that in the coming years the public will witness many other new features unimaginable in the recent past.

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