Board games to print and play for free

table games If you are forced to snow at home, it could be fun to get together with family or friends and play a board game as it was done in the old days.
On the internet, you can find many new games composed of board and cards, that you can download and then print.
Certainly it is a job that can make the time pass, above all because the files to be printed must then be cut out and, in the case of the boards, glued together in a traditional way.
You must then download the rules sheet to learn how to play.
Many of the games are in English but, looking good, you can also download the Italian versions of some or, at least, you can find the instruction booklet with the rules. READ ALSO: Best table games for Android and iPhone to play in the company who wants to have fun a build one or more board games and new cards, can then go to the site BoardGamesGeek and choose the one you like best depending on the theme and the graphics.
In this site, you can browse the list of the most voted games that, presumably, are also the most beautiful.
Some of these games can be downloaded completely for free while others must be bought.
Among the most popular and free games, there are some fun titles including:
RingMaster completely in Italian to print and play with friends.
– Battlestar Galactica board game
– Colonialism
– GodsWake
– Doctor Who
and many other free games ready for printing.
For each game, you can go to the section “Files” press up Browse and search for scoreboard, card, rules and everything else files.
Being all in English this could be problematic for some but if you want to search, you should find everything you need to create and print most color games.Another site with different board games to print, of a simpler and more “Forza 4″ style (where the language is not important) is where you can download the board of games like Taking Back Toe or Timeline which is a card game instead.

For those who are not willing to print and build these table games (we understand that it can be challenging), I remember other articles instead:
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