Boolean Data Week: the first step in Data Science, from November 20th

Developing is one thing, managing data is another. These are two closely related areas, but data management requires specific skills, models, processes and solutions. It is no coincidence, in short, if the Data Science is gathering more and more interest: the strong demand from companies for specific skills has led this area to be a source of large investments, despite suffering from the strong shortage of experts capable of juggling the tools of the trade.

That’s why Boolean Data Week 2023 is a clear opportunity for many. This is an entire week of targeted and free training available to everyone. You come away with a certificate of participation, with new skills, but above all with an open horizon on this great opportunity: that of entering the world of data analysis and everything that this could entail for your professional future.

How to participate in Boolean Data Week

Boolean Data Week

Boolean is the well-known Tech Academy which has recently been the protagonist of the Coding Week dedicated to developers. In this case, the center of the event is the data, the correct management of which allows value to be extracted from the information and made available to companies. The Data Week will be held between 20 and 24 November, with methods specifically designed to allow the best usability by everyone.

The lessons are in fact held online, live and at a time compatible with both study and work: it starts from 7pmaccording to a weekly program of streaming appointments determined as follows:

  • Monday 20 November (7-8.30pm)
    Data Analytics zero to hero

    Starting from the raw data, let’s see how Python can help us clean and explore the data and discover how Tableau can help us create an interactive dashboard.

  • Tuesday 21 November (7-8.30pm)
    Intro a Python

    Discover the basics of Python, the most used programming language in data analysis, and build your first “guess the number” software.

  • Wednesday 22 November (7-8pm)
    How to become a Data Analyst

    Evolve your career in just 4 months: come and discover Boolean and the part-time course in Data Analytics.

  • Thursday 23 November (7-8.30pm)
    Data wrangling con pandas

    Learn how Python’s pandas library can help you load a dataset, clean the data, and set up exploratory analysis.

  • Friday 24 November (7-8.30pm)
    Data Visualisation con Tableau

    Starting from our clean dataset, we’ll discover how to create an interactive dashboard to visualize our data and make it come to life.

Every evening there will also be space for Tech Talks, which starting from 6.30 pm will anticipate the connection by presenting guests and experiences useful for better understanding the context of Data Analysis. In short, a training and informative event, useful both for understanding what it implies in terms of skills and what it brings to the table in terms of future developments.

Boolean Data Week: Sign up now

How do you organize and visualize data, going from a simple CSV to building an interactive dashboard? Find out how to do it during Boolean Data Week, a week of free, live lessons in the company of the teachers of our Tech Academy.

Python e Tableau

The fundamental ingredients of Boolean Data Week are the two essential elements of data analysis: Python e Tableau.

Those who know the world of software need no further introduction: these are widely known and recognized tools, used by the majority of professionals and enthusiasts in the sector. Python specifically is the essential language of data science, around which a large community of developers has already created populated libraries for ready-to-use solutions. In parallel, Tableau is the field of Business Intelligence, an intuitive platform for extracting data and formulating queries useful in every application area. Python and Tableau are the starting point for anyone who wants to explore a future in the sector and a week like Data Week can be fundamental to understand, imagine and possibly delve deeper into the discussion.

The perfect opportunity for get closer to the world of data analysis even if you’re starting from scratch, and find out how using Python e Tableau you can optimize your everyday work and make better decisions.

Python e Tableau

Free participation, registration required

To participate in the Boolean Data Week, no requirements are required, but simply a free registration useful for better organizing the lessons and the training room: to participate you can register here. The afternoon following each lesson, the recording will be available on the platform and will allow you to review the essential steps, carry out new exercises and make the most of the training content you have accessed.

Finally, on Saturday 25 November, there will be the grand finale at the Lenovo Space in Milan: on this occasion it will be possible to meet the Boolean Admission Advisors to evaluate your experience during the Data Week and understand how and whether to continue with the training path with a view to a professional future in the sector. Data Science and Business Intelligence are looking for new talents to put to work on high-impact projects: on November 20th an opportunity will open – free of charge – which for many can be a prospect, for others a second chance, for everyone a strong option palatability.

Boolean Data Week: Sign up now

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