Botnets on the rise in the third quarter of 2023

In a report recently proposed by no breatha company that provides managed security services, a worrying increase in activity has been reported botnet in the last months.

The report, which examined the third quarter of the current year, highlighted a much more worrying reality than expected. In fact, the data collected shows how groups ransomware come 8Base, ALPHV e Akira are increasingly adopting botnets. Numbers in hand, we’re talking about a increase of 67.51% of cases recorded compared to the previous quarter, outlining a constantly growing trend.

According to experts, this considerable surge in cases can largely be attributed to Torpig Mebrootwith activities almost doubling compared to the previous 3 months (+93%) and which, to date, constitutes more than two-thirds of botnet traffic worldwide (more specifically, the 69% of cases).

Botnet activity increased by almost 70%, while malware detections decreased slightly

Not only that: what worries Nuspire researchers is also a return that should not be underestimated. The botnet TorrentLockerdisseminated via e-mail phishing and almost completely disappeared in recent months, it has in fact made a comeback, positioning itself among the top five most widespread.

Commenting on the data collected for Nuspire was the company’s Chief Security Officer, i.e J.R. Cunningham according to which “The intensification of ransomware activity seen in the second quarter continued into the third quarter, with ransomware clusters like ALPHV wreaking havoc on large organizations“.

Data in hand, the analyzes have identified how ransomware remains one of the major online threats, despite total detection malware they are decreased by 5.94%. The aforementioned 8Base and Akira groups, linked to some of the most notorious ransomware operations of recent times, remain among the most active in the IT sector, both for individual users and for the corporate context.


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