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Brave: how the browser that focuses entirely on privacy works

Brave Browser it is one of the “alternative” programs to the big names on the web and, despite its “recent” history, it can already be considered a rather valid solution.

Among the peculiarities of this program one great attention to privacywhich has now become one of the fundamental points of web navigation and is increasingly at risk.

It should also be emphasized that this program is completely free and open source and its main purpose is to block ads eh site tracker web, with a keep an eye on the developers that enrich the program every day.

Let’s find out more about Brave Browser.

The main features of Brave Browser

Brave browser

As already mentioned, Brave browser is completely open-source and uses a MPL license. The toll this system pays to is also evident Chromiumwhich is the basis of the entire system, guaranteeing functionality and reliability

Of course Brave can be “boosted” through a series of extensions which can be the same used by Chromium (e Google Chrome) and which can also be downloaded for free from Chrome Web Store.

Brave Browser and web security

Brave browser

As already mentioned Brave is very safety conscious and can be considered one of the most solid and secure browsers ever.

Precisely for this reason it has a whole series of interesting features inside it, such as, for example, an efficient integrated password managerwhich allows you to protect data and keywords while browsing.

There is also a feature for restrict access to autoplay on various sites, excellent for blocking advertising videos and the like.

It also allows you to manage and control cookieseven going so far as to block scripts based on the different sites visited.

Furthermore, on Brave Browser it is also possible to activate the funzione HTTPS Everywhere which guarantees encrypted and secure connections at all times.

Brave Browser puts user safety first by blocking third-party advertisements and limiting user data tracking

Another of the more interesting settings is lo Brave Shield which has the task of blocking all those unwanted activities on the web, including banners and pop-ups. A solution that can be personalized at 360° by the user by choosing the blocking methods and keeping everything that happens while browsing under control.

A decidedly effective system that allows users to fully enjoy the Internet experience without thinking about intrusive advertisements.

Indeed Brave lock automatically all ads and third-party trackers and is one of the default browser settings which, of course, can be managed independently by users.

However, it must be said that, even to earn something, the Brave’s Ad Network it is the only one that is approved by the browser and therefore it may be possible to see related advertisements, but more on that later.

Finally this browser also has a very strict policy on data collection of users, stopping any external access attempts.

All information collected by Brave is stored within servers considered to be very secure, so that it cannot be stolen by people and organizations outside this browser

The developer team has pointed out several times about do not be interested in personal informationwith the various data being stored within super-protected servers and inaccessible by third parties.

Naturally, being a Chromium-based program, there are “access points” that theoretically allow external people to access data and so on. The commitment of Brave Browser is to ensure safe navigation, clearly, intrusions cannot be ruled out 100%. and information theft, just like any other browser.

Brave Browser controversies

Brave browser

While it’s open-source and free, it’s clear that Brave needs to earn money to support itself, and it uses the Brave Attention Token (BAT) e an ad network which we have already talked about.

As for the ads, these they replace the classics that you can see while browsing with those created by members of the Brave Browser network. Naturally, based on these announcements, BATs are assigned to the user, a cryptocurrency which should be reassigned to developers who are constantly working on the browser.

So, while talking about privacy and security, this system, albeit in a different way and for different purposes, however, it tracks user navigation and in any case make money with advertising, even if as just said it is used for different purposes.

Brave’s ad system is designed to support developers working on the browser but, albeit with the best of intentions, it’s still a way to track browsing data

So Brave, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, block “external” ads but replaces them with those from your own network which, although less insistent, are still advertisements and still refer to user tracking on the web.

Of course it is a system designed to “fill the coffers” of this browser and bankroll the developers che work to improve it. But it is clear that it works in a mirror image of any other browser going, in fact, against the same idea of ​​privacy that distinguishes it.

How to install Brave Browser

donna al computer

The Brave installation procedure is quick and easy: just go to the official site and download the version for your operating system (also available for Android e iOS).

Both the download and the installation take very little time. The first thing to do as soon as you open the browser is to follow the wizard to discover all its features and better set the options relating to privacy.

Immediately afterwards it is useful to go up Settings (from the top right menu, just like in Chrome) and choose from the left column Languages.

Then click on the down arrow next to Language and choose Add languages to then add Europen. At this point all that remains is to click on the three dots next to our language to choose Display Brave in this language. At this point it will be possible to navigate with Brave in Europen.

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