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Browsing the web with ChatGPT is official and goes through Bing

It’s official: OpenAI’s world-famous chatbot is free to use rummage in the most unknown corners of the Internet. The AI ​​company has implemented a new feature for ChatGPT available both via desktop and mobile app which allows subscribers to enjoy full access to the web.

Users who pay for theChatGPT Plus edition and large companies that subscribe to the release ChatGPT Enterprise can now use the “Browse with Bing” to allow ChatGPT to draw on the latest and most up-to-date informationfreeing itself from the constraints of pre-September 2021 training data that have characterized most of its existence.

OpenAI unlocks full Internet access for ChatGPT

Although the introduction of a plugin that unlocked web browsing on ChatGPTthis official release reflects OpenAI’s confidence in ethical constraints of its artificial intelligencein the belief that they can resist open access to “the best and the worst” that the Internet has to offer.

The synergy between OpenAI and Microsoft is evident. All navigation and data collection operations they will go through Bing, the search engine of the Redmond giant with which OpenAI has collaborated since its origins. So much so that Microsoft’s latest $10 billion investment earned it the title of most significant AI investment in 2023, as recognized by PitchBook.

Another piece of news is related to OpenAI’s new AI image generator DALL-E 3 which will be seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT, allowing users to create deepfakes and imaginative works of art using the chatbot’s intuitive interface. Although for now the functionality has only been extended to some users in beta mode.

A bumpy road to “Browse with Bing”

Having entered the beta phase around May, this version had to overcome an obstacle course. First an interruption due to concerns regarding the presentation of content. Although in reality OpenAI may have paused the feature after learning that users were able to bypass paywalls to protect online sites and newspapers.

Three weeks after reintroducing the beta, the official release has arrived enriched with new speech synthesis features, which allow paying users to speak directly to the chatbot and for ChatGPT to respond using an AI-synthesized voice. Furthermore, the bot can understand images and respond to user questions based on the information contained therein.

Image analysis, the weak point of ChatGPT

Despite this progress, ChatGPT still faces a number of challenges in the interpretation of certain types of content. While he can identify the parts of a bicycle, he struggles to interpret people’s behavior.

An example cited in the thread on the r/ChatGPT subreddit concerns the difficulty understanding the complexity of human interactions represented in the images. Users have reported instances where the AI’s interpretations have not lived up to expectations, indicating there is still room to improve the chatbot’s understanding capabilities.

OpenAI continues to strive to stay ahead of the competition and is reportedly planning further improvements. It is expected to introduce soon additional memory storage and viewing capabilities in ChatGPT’s enterprise development model, with a potential announcement at the developer conference on November 6th.

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