Bumble improves security, with AI detects fake and spam profiles on the dating app

Dating apps they are among the most downloaded ones, as they help people make new acquaintances, find interesting companies or, in the best case scenario, their soul mate. In addition to the great advantages they guarantee, they also hide pitfallswhich can be limited by adopting responsible and attentive behavior and thanks to valuable tools. Bumble decided to introduce one based on artificial intelligenceto make your writing feel safe.

The introduction of the new feature on AI was announced directly by Bumblewho described its operation and the objective it wants to achieve: identifying spam, scams and fake profiles, which proliferate on dating apps, allowing women, who have the first move on the app, to feel protected.

Deception Detector, the Bumble function that keeps members safe

Bumble’s new tool si chiama Deception Detector and is based on artificial intelligence. It has been tested in recent months by Bumble, obtaining excellent results in terms of identifying scam attempts, money and money thefts and conversations generated by fake profiles and bots.

Deception Detector was able to block as many as 95% of fake profiles or spam or scam attemptsbefore the profiles were even noticed by subscribers. This led to a clear reduction in reports from users, which are almost halved. The tool is an integration to the security system already set up by Bumble, which has a human moderation team ready to intervene if members encounter problems.

The feature is not the first that has been introduced by Bumble to increase security. It had already been created in 2019 Private Detector, which automatically blurs and censors all nude images that are sent in chats. It is then the user who decides whether to view the content in full or whether to proceed with a report.

After the first testing phase, Deception Detector was distributed more widely, to guarantee all users the possibility of avoid bad people and establish fair and healthy relationships in a climate of widespread trust.

Dating apps, how to use them safely while avoiding romance scams

The introduction of tools such as Deception Detector who, using AI, try to avoid romance scams, it is extremely important. Suffice it to say that the victims of this type of malicious initiative that take hold on dating apps or, alternatively, on social networks are growing.

In addition to taking advantage of these tools, there are some things to keep in mind when using Bumble or any other dating app or site some safety rules to follow and respect. To avoid data or identity theft, it is best to never share confidential, personal or financial information.

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