Buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max on the Apple website but get an Android clone

A user’s story is making the rounds on the web Reddit to say little bad lucky. He bought a iPhone 15 Pro Max directly from Apple’s website but received a clone Android with customized software to be identical or almost identical to iOS 17.

The user “theEdmard” says he purchased the top of the range smartphone on the Cupertino giant’s website. The safest way to avoid problems of all kinds. Or so she thought. In reality, upon opening the package, he found himself in his hands a smartphone with a film already applied (which is absolutely unusual for a new iPhone) and with a terrible display in terms of quality and with thick and non-symmetrical frames. In short, the opposite of an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Even the initial configuration process aroused suspicion, but fortunately the unfortunate one he did not enter his Apple ID credentials. The craziest thing, Ed explained, is that the tracking number of the package was the one provided by Apple at the time of purchase.

iPhone 15 Pro Max - Clone Android

The anomalies, however, do not end there, because once turned on, the user noticed some pre-installed applications in the Home of the device: YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. «The operating system is buggy and horrible, the camera is terrible and crashes if you try to interact with the interface», he wrote on Reddit.

Ma How is it possible that something like this happened? Is it perhaps the fault of an employee of the delivery company (Dynamic Parcel Distribution)? The user obviously contacted the company, which however ensures that the package has never been opened and/or tampered with. Meanwhile “theEdmard” has opened a support ticket with Apple. The company is investigating to find the real person responsible, so we will have to wait.


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