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receive and make calls from PC One of the best features of Windows 10 is the ability to keep smartphones and PCs connected, so you can use some of the phone’s features directly from your computer, without having to pick it up or look at the screen. This possibility is given by the Application Your Phone that if initially it was only used to receive phone notifications on the PC, it is now becoming more and more complete, with the addition of functions to respond to notifications, to write and receive SMS and, from now, also to call from the computer via telephone.
For those who work all day on the PC, but also for those who study or play, it is therefore possible to stay in touch with the phone by keeping it without having to detach from the keyboard and from the computer screen and to be able to use all the communication functions directly from Windows 10 .READ ALSO: Best apps to connect your Android phone to your PC

How to use the Your Phone app to connect PCs and smartphones

Steps to use the app on your phone on Windows 10 and configure the connection with a smartphone Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or any other with Android system (no iPhone for now) is the following.

1) Connect Android smartphone and PC via Bluetooth as explained in a previous guide. The synchronization and connection function between PC and smartphone cannot work if both do not have Bluetooth connection active.
In short, the Bluetooth connection from Windows 10 can be done by activating and scanning devices from the smartphone or by going to Settings Windows, opening the section Devices and then Bluetooth. PC and phone will display a message with a button to press to allow connection.

2) Connect PC and phone to the same Wifi network.

3) If it has not yet been done, it is necessary sign in to your Windows 10 PC with a Microsoft account. Going in Settings> Accounts, make sure you are using a properly configured Microsoft account.

4) Download the app your phone on Windows 10 PC and open the application.

5) Download the Android application from the Google Play Store: Complement for Your Phone, open it, authorize all permissions and when prompted, log in to the application using the same Microsoft account that was configured on Windows 10.
To complete the setup, the phone requires a test notification to be sent from the PC. If it is not automatic, try closing Your Phone on the PC and then reopening it.
At this point, a notification appears on the phone saying that the phone is connected to your PC, while on the PC, you can browse the various sections of Your Phone which are:
Photo, to view the latest photos taken
Messages, to read and send SMS from Windows 10, very useful for writing and rereading old ones.
Notifications, to receive Android notifications on PC in real time, read the messages received in Whatsapp and also open the notifications of other applications. Note that it is possible to reply to messages received on Whats app, directly from the notification when it is received. Phone notifications can also be viewed by pressing the Windows 10 notifications icon located near the clock on the taskbar.
Calls, to call from the PC, via mobile phone and answer the calls that are received.

Call from PC via smartphone

As for the latter function, we will find a real one dialer on the computer that allows you to dial to call or even to call one of the contacts in the address book. With the phone connection active, you can also answer incoming calls without having to take the smartphone in hand, directly from the computer.
And when there is an incoming call, there is no need to answer, there are also options to send the call to voicemail or reject it with a predefined message that will be sent automatically. Your phone also allows you to easily transfer a call between your phone and PC and keeps a log of recent calls.
Remember that this function does not allow you to make internet calls and that all calls made from your PC use the credit or minutes available for the subscribed subscription plan (or the rechargeable SIM).

Troubleshoot Your Phone connection problems

If the connection between PC and smartphone does not work, you can try to re-pair the devices via Bluetooth, thus canceling the association and repeating it.
Any connection problem can depend on non-given permissions. On Android, open the settings and look for the section dedicated to app permissions. You have to make sure that the app Complement for your phone have permission to view the address book and contacts, access SMS, access notifications and be able to use the phone. In case of difficulty, you can repeat the initial configuration procedure by uninstalling and reinstalling the app or by going to Settings> Apps, finding Complement for your phone; then you can press the button Ends and clear the memory and all the recorded data to reset the application.
In case you are unable to make calls from your PC, you can consult this support page.

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