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Today, making calls costs practically nothing if you call from home and subscribe to have unlimited free calls to landlines and even mobile phones. The situation is different for those who have chosen internet-only subscriptions, those without a telephone or who charge the connection fee for calls, which is absolutely inconvenient. Although not exactly comfortable, you can use one of the semi-free services that allow you to call landlines and mobiles with incredibly low rates and prices, we will only have to be careful to connect headphones with a microphone.
This article does not only talk about services such as Messenger or Skype that allow you to make voice calls between registered users but also gods web services or VOIP programs which, although with various limitations, allow making calls (almost free) to landlines and cell phones so that you can contact anyone without having to use your personal landline or mobile phone.

VOIP programs to make calls from PC

This software generally works and is particularly suitable for making international calls abroad or from abroad from the computer.
Before listing these found services, we recommend the site Cheapest VoIP which allows you to know, for every country in the world, the lowest rate offered by internet services for landline and mobile phone calls. Many of the services indicated in the link above will be included in the guide which will be accompanied by very famous and safe services with which to make calls from PC to landlines and mobile phones.


Among the various programs to call from the computer the most famous certainly Skype which offers free PC-to-PC calls in case both people have Skype installed (in another article we, therefore, explained how to phone with Skype).
But few know that Skype also allows you to call towards classic phone numbers, both in rechargeable mode and in monthly subscription mode.

We enter the country where the numbers to call are present and choose a suitable subscription, so as to obtain a new number from which to receive and make calls. As an alternative to subscriptions, we can also top up the account with Skype Credit, paying very low rates for every minute of call made, even internationally (the prices are certainly better than the classic telephony operators).


Messagenet is the first alternative service to the Skype offer to mention since it offers phone calls at definitely competitive prices.

To call an Italian number, the current rate is 0.0189 Euro per minute for landlines, 0.0944 Euro per minute for mobile phones, with the rate per second and no connection fee. Messagenet can be used from the PC with programs such as X-Lite and can also be used by configuring a VOIP telephone set up.


InterVoip allows you to make calls from your computer to more than 30 countries around the world with very minimal rates.

Calling an Italian mobile phone with Intervoip costs just 6 cents per minute and you can also hide our phone number, so you can make anonymous calls by paying a slightly higher rate (to mobile phone numbers).

Viber Out

Viber Out is an excellent alternative to Skype in order to call fixed and mobile phone numbers at affordable rates.
Viber Out

Again, simply choose the destination of the calls, choosing between a rechargeable offer (which offers us a certain number of usable minutes) or choosing the monthly subscription, which will allow you to call without limits to a specific destination.
It is probably one of the best services for those who call abroad often since with € 10 per month we can really call any number without limits.

Other VOIP software to make calls from PC

In addition to the services seen so far, we can try one of those on the following list, so as to always have valid alternatives for telephoning fixed or mobile numbers from the computer:

  • CallEasy is a similar service that provides the VoipConnect program to make calls from the computer to all landlines and mobile phones in the world. The rates are very low and, for Italy, you only pay 10 cents per minute to call cell phones and less than 2 cents for landlines.
  • Poivy is a program to download and install that allows you to make free calls to Italian and international numbers after registering on the site. During the registration phase, 300 minutes of free calls from the computer to Italian and foreign landlines are given away. Calls to Italian cell phones cost 11 cents per minute.
  • Globphone is another useful service with which we can make free calls, we will only have to enter the country to call and the phone number in the appropriate field.
  • Call2Friends is a useful service to be able to call any phone number using the site interface only; it can be a valid solution for those who only have access to the web browser.

Using these services too, we will have a complete picture and we will be able to choose from time to time the service that is right for us.

My Phone app from Microsoft

A separate chapter for the application Your Microsoft Phone, which through a Bluetooth connection with the Android smartphone, allows you to make calls from the Windows 10 PC. It is therefore not a VOIP app with internet calls, but a way to call from PC via smartphone of which we have written a guide. The computer then becomes a means of making and receiving phone calls using a microphone and speakers.


Nowadays it is no longer necessary to take out a subscription for the fixed-line only since we can take advantage of the computer and the Internet line to call all fixed and mobile numbers at convenient or even free rates!

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