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Canopy, the new social network for creators: what it is

The world of social networks is constantly evolving and new platforms are frequently released, some intended for a general and heterogeneous audience and others for a more specific target. It is the case of Canopy, a work-related social network that was created by a former TikTok employee and which could soon see the light and become popular all over the world.

Canopy is a real social media, but it is designed specifically for content creators who have made content creation their job. Let’s find out all the details, the expected launch date and the features.

What is Canopy, details about the platform

Canopy is the social network designed for influencers of all types: TikTokers, YouTubers, podcasters, Instagram, Facebook and platform experts. Wanting to create this virtual space where all content creators can comparefind inspiration and start possible collaborations it was Ayomi Samaraweera, a former TikTok employee, who perceived the need to create a safe space which, if desired, could also be anonymous.

Here creators can find numerous tools and resources in order to increase their preparation and skills. They can more easily develop a relationship with important figures, such as possible financiers of their projects and sponsors, without necessarily having to start conversations on other more generic social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, and without having to rely on any agencies and word of mouth.

The social network will offer all creators, even smaller ones with fewer resources, to show off and come into contact with important realities. At the same time, they will be able to interact, create posts, talk about their experiences and start discussions.

Canopy, the portal for influencers: the features

Canopy allows access to all influencer e i content creator, including those who work in the world of porn and red light. Anyone who registers on the portal can decide to do so by showing their identity or remaining anonymous.

They can also use the new social network companies, who can publish collaboration and job offers and select candidates through private and protected messages.

It is a portal that can be accessed for free, but that has paid options. These include training content, events and some features such as the possibility of creating organized working groups. The plan includes the creation of a special section dedicated to agencies and the activation of a system that rewards the most active users on the platform.

Canopy can currently be accessed by invitation only, but soon the portal will be open to everyone. On the social network website it is possible to join a waiting list to be among the first to use the new platform when the number of subscribers is expanded.

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