Car diagnostics via App with Bluetooth OBD sensors

Scanner OBDModern cars have a real internal processor that manages many aspects of the engine and the car in general, keeping in its memory even the errors that the components generate during operation. Many of these errors will cause a warning light to come on in the car’s dashboard, while other problems are not easily identifiable or are hidden (for example the classic yellow engine-shaped light, which means all or nothing!).In addition to taking the car to the mechanic if one of the yellow or red lights on the dashboard turns on, we can check the status of the components from the smartphone and do engine tests and diagnosis using BlueTooth sensors and apps that can read data. In this guide, we will try to show you how to connect the sensors of the car to the phone using the door OBD Bluetooth and some of the most useful apps, so that we can interface in a simple way. OBD stands for on-board diagnostics, i.e. on-board diagnostics and is present in every modern car because it allows mechanics to make an automatic diagnosis and check for any malfunctions or failures. Not all cars can be equipped with a BlueTooth ODB port, but it’s worth checking out.

Connect car OBD to the phone

For this guide of course we do not want to replace the experience or the skills of every good mechanic or electrician in circulation, but it can be useful when we notice small errors in the car and do not know where to intervene or which specialist to consult. Costs for all devices tend to be high so we carefully choose which OBD reader to choose and which app to install nearby.

Bluetooth OBD2 readers

Before proceeding with the error monitoring we must identify the OBDII port present on our car; this door is usually present under the steering wheel, on the left side, and can be hidden by the dashboard plastics or by a special compartment.


If we fail to find the OBD port we can rely on a dedicated site, where we will find the position of the door for most of the vehicles. Usually this port can only be used through programs reserved for authorized mechanics or engineers, but there are also car models with ODB Bluetooth, able to connect to the smartphone with dedicated apps, so as to be able to transmit and process data in real-time. . Usually the models on the market are able to read the data of any car, but what makes the difference is the app that we use specifically for each model.

There are several Bluetooth OBD2 scanner models that we can buy on Amazon for less than 20 €.

Bolongking OBD

By connecting this module to the OBD port of the car, if supported, we will be able to process all the processor data, show all the error codes generated during the last few months and make sense of the famous yellow engine warning light. To be able to use it at its best we will have to install one of the apps that we will show you in the next chapter on our devices so that we can interface correctly.

Another reader that we can use is the iLC OBD2 Wireless OBD, available on Amazon for less than € 20.


Also, in this case, the operation is very simple: you connect the device to the OBD port, start the car, wait for the scan and connect to the device via Bluetooth, so as to be able to process all the data with the specific apps. On some cars, we will also be able to reset the error codes or change some parameters (always on the advice of a trusted mechanic, since you risk breaking the car).

The last model we recommend that you consider is the Veepeak – Scanner OBDCheck BLE +, available on Amazon for less than 50 €.

Veepeak - Scanner

As for the models seen so far, it will be enough to connect it to the OBD port and proceed with the Bluetooth pairing, so as to be able to process and analyze all the data of the car with one of the apps dedicated to the purpose. Among its features, we point out the support for a large number of vehicles, which makes it probably the best OBD scanner on sale on the Internet.

App to read OBD data

After having seen some of the best OBD scanners that we can buy for “home” use, in this part of the guide we will show you the apps that we can download on our portable devices (smartphones or tablets), essential to process the data transmitted by the scanners seen above.

The best app to read OBD scanner data is without a doubt Torque Pro, available for a fee from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Torque Pro

With less than 4 € we can buy a simple app with a clear interface, in which we will be shown the car data such as torque, power, and engine revolutions, as well as display any warning and error messages not identifiable with the dashboard warning lights. There is also a free version of this app but it is very limited, so we might as well focus on the paid version right away.

A valid alternative to the app seen above is Obd Mary, compatible with ELM327 scanners and available for Android from the Google Play Store.

Obd Mary

With this app, translated into Italian, we can keep the most important parameters of the car under control, examine in a clear and detailed way the errors that the engine or other components release in the control unit and obtain graphs on the power and torque. so as to be able to intervene in case of need (taking it to the mechanic).

A good app for connecting car sensors to the phone is Car Scanner ELM OBD2, also in this case available on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store.

Car Scanner

With the dashboard mode present in this app we will be able to view valuable information while the vehicle is running, while in analysis mode we will be able to keep an eye on the errors or warning messages that the on-board computer has kept in the last period, so as to show them to the mechanic.


Even if it is not possible to fix the cars with a simple phone app, connecting the car sensors to the smartphone will still allow you to make sense of the error messages and warning lights on the dashboard, so as to be able to address the mechanic towards the solution of the problem. OBD scanners are often put on a flash offer on Amazon, so it is advisable to save this page and log back in periodically, so as to seize the opportunities.

If we are looking for other useful apps for cars, we invite you to read our guide How to reduce fuel consumption with some smartphone apps. If, on the other hand, we want to make our car truly technological, just continue reading our articles How to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on every car How to use Alexa or the Google Assistant in the car.


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