Car maker Nissan victim of ransomware attack?

Through official sites Nissanmore specifically those in the section Oceaniaa possible data breach has been reported.

In this regard, the Japanese car manufacturer has warned its customers of how they could be subject to potential scam email and other actions related to cybercrime.

Apparently, the Australian and New Zealand branches of the Japanese giant would have suffered a “IT incident” not better specified. The company appears to have activated its own team specialized in cyber defense, without wanting to reveal too much about the attack suffered. In addition to the internal investigations, the Australian Center for Cyber ​​Security and the New Zealand National Cyber ​​Security Center were also involved.

For its part, Nissan expressed itself with a rather concise statement, which leaves room for interpretation: “Nissan is working with its global incident response team and relevant parties to investigate the scope of the incident and whether any personal information was accessed“.

Cyberattack on Nissan, doubts about the possible ransomware attack: what happened?

It is currently unclear whether the attackers actually stole customer information or not. Nissan, for its part, has rightly warned of the worst-case scenario.

If the first type of attack that comes to mind in these cases are the feared ones ransomware, this does not appear to be the case. The company’s IT systems, in fact, appear to work without any type of problem and, at least at the moment, have not been identified encrypted files as per practice for this type of operation.

Not only that: as reported by BleepingComputer the attack would not have in any way influenced the distribution of vehicles and the services offered by Nissan to its customers. Despite this, Nissan itself states that some dealers may encounter some problems.

The thick company, contacted by TechRadarsaid it would provide further information on the attack once experts have reconstructed what happened.



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