Change Colors in Windows 10, Dark or Light on Menus, Windows and desktops

dark and light color In Windows 10 it is possible to change the way the windows and applications are colored and even the desktop menus, with a set of options that is greatly improved after installing the May 2019 update.
Unlike previous versions, for example, you can now use one light or dark mode that goes to color in the chosen way also the Start menu, the application bar, the Operations Center and all other visual elements (including the folder background). The clear them moreover, it really turns out an added value in Windows 10, with a change of the default background and of the contrast of the colors surprisingly pleasant to the eyes.

To find the color options of Windows 10 you need to open the Settings and go up Customization to find the section dedicated to colors. Using the drop-down menu “Choose your color” you can choose between Dark, Light or Custom. If you choose Custom, you can now change the Windows colors separately (then the application and desktop bars) and the App colors (such as the background of the Settings or folders screen), putting one on Light and the other on Dark or vice versa.
Going down we find the option to activate the transparency effects, which work very well, and then the Main color with which color borders, windows, and menus. Here you can activate the automatic color selection based on the chosen background or select one of all those available. Every change you make here takes effect immediately, so you can try whatever you want. You can then choose to use the main color on the Start menu and the application bar or to see them on the title bars and on the window borders.
Once the steps, apps, windows, and menus of Windows 10 are complete, including the Settings app, the taskbar, the background of the folder windows, the pop-up menus and other visual elements will switch to the color scheme chosen.

The options for choosing colors, however, do not end here in Windows 10 and the best part comes when you go to the section Themes. Here, without making particular configurations, you can select one of the themes already included, under the writing Change Theme, or you can install a new theme in Windows 10.
Among the included ones, the best is certainly the Theme Windows (Clear) that before the May update did not exist. With this theme, the desktop background changes to a lighter version and the color scheme also lighten, with a very good effect on the sight, especially for the contrast. Keep in mind that if you change the theme all the color choices are reset according to the chosen theme, but you can always go to change them again, for example by setting the Dark coloring of menus and windows, which for me offers a much better experience.

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