How to change the Wi-Fi password on the TIM modem, Fastweb, WindTre, Vodafone, and other models such as Netgear, TP-Link, or FRITZ! Box.

Password Wi-Fi
All modems provided by mobile operators or for sale online or in a store provide one Wi-Fi password automatically generated, which we can use to immediately connect to the network and surf the Internet, minimizing technical configurations by end-users. Unfortunately, these passwords are generated in most cases with algorithms cracked by hackers or insecure protocols are used by default, making these passwords easy prey for scroungers. To increase the security of our network, it is advisable to immediately change the Wi-Fi password, choosing a personal one that is more robust and difficult to guess.In this guide, we have collected the procedures for changing Wi-Fi passwords on all modems of telephone operators, with a chapter also dedicated to the modems of the most famous brands sold on Amazon or in IT and technology stores, so that you can always change the password of the wireless network and avoid the connection stolen from the outside.

Even if the Wi-Fi password change procedure is quite simple, the steps to follow are slightly different between the various proprietary modems, so it is worthwhile to immediately learn what to do based on the operator we have chosen for the home Internet connection. In addition to proprietary modems, we will also show you the procedures for some of the free modems on the market, based on the best-selling models.

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Change Password your TIM Modem

To change the Wi-Fi password on TIM modems, we access the modem via a web browser (by typing in the address bar), we provide the user name and password to access the control interface (usually this information is present on the back of the modem) and, once in the dashboard, press the gear icon next to the menu Wireless, scroll through the menu until you find the section Access Point then we identify the text field known as Wireless Password.

Password TIM

In the indicated field we enter the new Wi-Fi password, then click on Close to make the changes effective. Devices already connected will have to be reconnected manually, as the password has changed. If we have the settings of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks separated, we repeat the steps above also for the 5GHz network (which has its own menu Access Point), so you can use the new password even on the fastest wireless network.

Change Password your Vodafone Modem

If we have Vodafone’s proprietary modem (also called Vodafone Station), we can change the Wi-Fi password by accessing the modem via a web browser (we can type http://vodafone.station,, by entering the security credentials for the Vodafone modem and, once the initial screen is open, by pressing on the top menu Wi-Fi.

Password Vodafone

Once you get to the right screen, press on Cambia password to choose the new password; on some old Vodafone Stations the menu is slightly different and you need to enter the new password in the field WiFi key, in the field Password, or alternatively in the field WPA pre-shared key. Once the changes have been completed, click on Apply, OK, or his Save.

Change Password on Fastweb Modem

Owners of an Internet contract with Fastweb receive the modem at home FASTGate, a modern and elegant modem that is simple to set up. To change the password on this modem let’s go to any web browser, type http://myfastgate in the address bar, we log in with the chosen password (if it is the first time we open this screen, it will immediately make us choose the new password to access the system) and, on the initial screen, we press at the top of the menu WiFi.

Password Fastweb

Within this screen, we can change the Wi-Fi password on the FASTGate by typing the new one personally chosen in the field Password and press the button Save for the changes to take effect. The password will be immediately active for both the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and the 5GHz network. To learn more about the use of this modem, we recommend that you also read our guide Port mapping on Fastweb: how to open the FASTGate ports.

Change Password your WindTre Modem

If we have the proprietary modem of WindTre (ex Wind Infostrada) we can change the Wi-Fi password by opening any web browser, typing in the address bar, entering username and password (printed on the back of the modem), clicking on the Network Settings menu and finally opening the menu Wireless.

Password WindTre

In the screen that opens, scroll down to find the section Security level, remove the checkmark from the item Generate passwords automatically then we enter the chosen password in the field Password. At the end of the changes, we press at the bottom on Apply to confirm.

Passwords of other Wi-Fi modems

In addition to proprietary modems, we can change the password even if we use a third-party modem, often the best modems to use on FTTC optical fiber. If for example, we bought any modem AVM FRITZ! Box (such as the FRITZ! Box), we can quickly change the Wi-Fi password by opening a web browser from a PC or notebook already connected to the network, by typing in the bar, using the password set at the first start and taking us to the path Wi-Fi -> Security.

Modem Fritzbox

In this screen we enter the new password in the field Wi-Fi network key, then we press down on Apply for the changes to take effect. If, on the other hand, we have a modem TP-Link (among the best for value for money, such as the TP-Link Archer VR1210v) we can change the password by opening the web browser, typing, providing the login credentials, and finally taking us to the menu Wireless.

modem TP-Link

Within this screen we can quickly change the password by typing the new one in the field Password, repeating it twice (for the 2.4 GHz network and for the 5 GHz network); to confirm, press the key Save. If, on the other hand, we have a NETGEAR modem as an access point (such as the Netgear D7000-100PES) we can change the Wi-Fi password by opening the browser, typing in the address bar, typing the access credentials, and pressing on the menu Wireless.

To change the password, scroll down the page until you find the text fields Password O Passphrase, then type the new password to use for the wireless network (remembering to change it also for 5GHz) and press at the top on Apply or his Apply.


Changing the Wi-Fi password is one of the safest moves we can do to prevent someone from entering our network and latching on it without paying. Let’s also remember to always set it as a security protocol WPA2 and as encryption AES, currently, the only way to make home networks truly secure from intruders (waiting for WPA3 to spread properly).

If we do not remember the password, we have seen in another post how to find WiFi password on PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone

To choose a secure Wi-Fi password we can read the guide 5 ways to create secure and easy-to-remember passwords; if we do not know which modem to choose for the new fiber optic line, we suggest you read our article Best router for fiber: which one to choose.


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