ChatGPT 4.5, some new features arriving with the update have been revealed

Although the world of artificial intelligence is abuzz with big news these days, ChatGPT he takes the opportunity and makes people talk about himself and his news. In fact, during the last few hours the content of the new update of the famous LLM version may have been anticipated GPT-4.5.

Almost as if it were a rumor put into circulation to respond to the success that Google’s Gemini Pro is generating, the first information on the OpenAI news seems to be making its way through the web. Many on social media have shared news that is absolutely not official and should be taken as simple indiscretions. In fact, in the next few hours everything could be denied or confirmed.

ChatGPT, rumors reveal the contents of the update to GPT-4.5

There are numerous sources who reported the news during the last hours of today and yesterday. Apparently ChatGPT would be about the multimodal nature of the model. This may soon be able to handle both outgoing and incoming not only the usual text and voice prompts, but also Images, 3D models e video.

This would be the way to compete without problems with Google’s Gemini. What immediately interested the developers and all those curious on the web, however, concerns above all the prices. According to what has been reported, in fact, to purchase 1000 tokens, or the equivalent of 750 words on GPT 4.5, it would take $0.06while for the GPT-4.5-64k model it would go to $0.12. As for GPT-4.5-audio-and-speech input, they would be necessary $0.012 for just one minute.

Let us therefore remember that we are faced with a real rumor, nothing confirmed by OpenAI which at the moment does not comment. During the last few hours, updates will follow on the matter, but only when the company that created ChatGPT exposes itself will there be absolute certainty.


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