ChatGPT arrives on Booking, it will help you plan your holidays

ChatGPT arrives on Booking, it will help you plan your holidays

The use of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT it now concerns the life of most users who refer to the world of technology. In this regard, it would not seem absurd to find such a resource also in the area reserved for tripswhich is nothing new.

The applications that recommend a destination, a hotel or a flight, are already implemented with the various AIs but according to reports, recent advances in artificial intelligence generative they are about to change the industry even further. More specifically the latest news concerned Booking.comprobably the most famous site in the world useful for booking multiple travel solutions.

Well, the company has begun to use the famous OpenAI chatbot to help users better plan their experiences around the world.

ChatGPT lands on Booking, it will help users organize their trips

Just yesterday 28 June Booking has officially launched a planner of travel AI Beta which is based on its machine learning models but above all on ChatGPT.

In short, this new solution is represented by a chatbot capable of holding a conversation with the user. The purpose is to help him in the travel planning process.

As the top management of Booking know, the company is now able to have conversations with its customers using artificial intelligence. It will be almost like being in a travel agency: travelers will be able to explain their needs to the planner who in turn will provide suggestions on housing, destinations e itineraries travel in real time.

There will obviously also be the possibility to proceed with the booking if the proposal meets the needs.

Slowly Booking will make this new resource available to an ever-increasing number of users, but at the moment only among those who are part of the loyalty program Genius. It will initially only be available in English.

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