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ChatGPT at risk in Europe, what happens with the new AI rules

In recent months, the ChatGPT block in Europe: the tool of artificial intelligence which is able to respond to written requests of various kinds. Starting from the cross-research on the web, up to the creation of articles, term papers and the like.

Il Privacy guarantorin the month of March, had highlighted possible problems in terms of invasion of privacy. However, the OpenAI developer company had shown that it complied with the standards obligations under the GDPRgetting a new go-ahead on 28 April 2023.

Now though ChatGPT could close its doors again and not only in Europe. According to various media outlets, the tool could even come removed from the entire European Union market. The decision, certainly drastic, would be a direct consequence of the recent ones regulations on the use of artificial intelligence by the European Parliament.

To date the legislation is still being finalized, but the OpenAI team itself has already got its hands on it. Specifically the CEO Sam Altman he has declared maximum effort to comply with all the new rules arriving. But she also stated that she is ready to cease operationsif it is impossible to comply with the regulation.

What does the new regulation on AI provide?

Il European Parliament is working for finalize the EU AI Act: a regulation that focuses on the most recent possibilities of using AI. Several insiders argue that in Brussels tool of generative artificial intelligence come ChatGpt are taken literally high risk.

For this we would be going towards requesting developers to provide a whole range of information about the AIs in use: from the computing power which feeds the platforms to learning mode with which the models are trained.

This kind of information is often protected by the company secret. The same goes for i training times of the individual algorithms: another figure which, it seems, could be included among those required by default by the European Union.

Just the team at OpenAI recently confided the difficulty in making the above information known. Which is why Sam Altman himself would be working with the US Congress to identify shared norms.

What are the dangers of ChatGPT

Beyond the new regulations that are about to arrive, insiders have been wondering about the issue for months now ChatGPT and computer security. In fact, the tool can lend itself to a whole series of uses that even worries the top management of OpenAI.

For example with ChatGPT it is potentially possible create malicious code by entering a simple text request. Likewise it is possible create fake news or spam messages on a large scale in an almost automated way.

At the same time it is impossible to deny that own artificial intelligence in this historical moment is a great ally for all those who work in cyber security.

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