ChatGPT browses the internet via iOS apps, but only with Bing

These last days of June 2023 are proving to be rich in news for ChatGPT. OpenAI is working hard on its chatbot to perfect it, introducing new features both in the Web version and for the Mobile version. In the first case, we recently reported the new features for generating texts, accompanied in parallel by the reduction in prices for the ChatGPT Plus subscription. In the second case, however, the dedicated application on iOS formally introduces the Web browsing to search the net for answers to questions from users. However, don’t expect the performance offered by Google and its search engine.

ChatGPT riceve Bing su mobile

The Apple smartphone app from today, 28 June 2023, it will allow subscribers to ChatGPT Plus, the premium version of the chatbot, to use the Browsing feature to access the Internet in search of answers to requests from the public. Browsing can be enabled by visiting the “New features” section in the app Settings, then selecting the “GPT-4” model and the “Search with Bing” item. At this point, any query related to current events and information that “extend beyond ChatGPT training data”- i.e. after 2021 – will get a clear and verified answer.

OpenAI IA Logo

According to OpenAI, the close cooperation with Microsoft is gradually showing its fruits and this new iOS app is proof of that. With Bing’s algorithms continually improving, ChatGPT users can expect results that are more relevant to their searches and trustworthy. Alternatively, Google Bard remains the reference chatbot – albeit not accessible worldwide – when searching for information on the net.

The real question that still has no answer, not even with this new feature, concerns the launch of ChatGPT on Android. While the spread of the iOS app continues in more and more countries, the smartphone version of the green robot is still far away; or rather, OpenAI has not shared any information about it.


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