ChatGPT can be modified as you wish by creating your own chatbot

Just yesterday OpenAI held its developer conference, a perfect opportunity to release some announcements about ChatGPT. Among these it was revealed that the company is in the process of launching some customizable versions of his chatbot that will be called GPTs.

According to OpenAI, GPTs will allow users to create their own customized versions of the popular chatbot. The company claims that no coding will be necessary: ​​in fact, anyone will be able to generate everything. People can also share the GPTs they create with other users.

According to reports, GPTs can be used for many activities, whether it be work or daily life. Examples have been provided, with some versions set up specifically for learning the rules of any existing board game or perhaps for teaching maths to your children.

OpenAI launches the new GPTs, customized ad hoc versions of ChatGPT

Many users at this point fear for the privacy, but according to OpenAI, everyone will have full control of their data. According to reports, the chats will not be shared with the company and in the event that one of the GPTs has third-party APIs, you will be able to choose which data to send to the APIs themselves.

It also seems clear that the company intends to implement a new review system which will be useful to avoid the spread of Harmful GPTs.

The first new product should be launched by the end of November: a market with some GPTs inside that users can choose from. Here the public will be able to find versions of artificial intelligence created by professionals verified.

OpenAI also says that in the coming months the creators of the GPTs will also be able to earn money based on how many people will use their creation. There are therefore several upcoming perspectives to be discovered by artificial intelligence enthusiasts.


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