ChatGPT can write or optimize a CV. that’s how

Many users wonder if and how it is possible to use it ChatGPT per find work. A seemingly impossible mission, at least if you think about the possibility of load a generic prompt like: “I’m looking for work”.

Ma OpenAI’s generative artificial intelligence it can still give a big hand to users looking for new professional opportunities. First of all by helping them to to write down a curriculum vitae very respectable.

To do this you can use the free version of ChatGPTwhich uses the GPT-3.5 language model. But the result will certainly be better by using a subscription to payment et al GPT-4 language model.

But not only. In fact, the AI ​​chatbot is even able to sew CVs onto people needs of the individual userorienting the information based on the job offer for which you are applying.

How to use ChatGPT to write your CV

The first thing to do for create a CV with ChatGPT consists of sharing the job offer you are applying for in the form of a prompt. That is to say upload the entire job description in question within the chat.

At this point you can ask the tool to analyze the text in question. And of highlight all skills and the most important requirements.

This information will allow you to guide your curriculum vitae optimally. For example highlighting skills which match more closely with those requested by the employer.

ChatGPT, of course, is capable of doing this kind of thing comparisonhelping the user to understand how much their skills and his professional experiences satisfy i requirements of the single job offer.

And it is even capable of make suggestions targeted, to intervene on any discrepancies. In this sense the artificial intelligence of OpenAI he is a real consultant.

Added to this are the generative features, which allow ChatGPT to fill the gaps in your CV of the user independently. In this sense therefore it is actually possible use ChatGPT to find work.

CV optimization or creation from scratch?

Il world of job seekers it is made up of very different users and needs. There are those who have a Structured CV, which just needs to be fixed. Just as there are those who must to create a resume from zero.

ChatGPT can help in both cases. To ask the tool to create a CV from scratch you must first upload as much information as possible: skills, studies, past experiences.

After that you can ask ChatGPT to organize everything in the form of a curriculum vitae. Perhaps giving further specific guidance on formatting.

Alternatively it is possible upload your CV and ask the tool to generative artificial intelligence to analyze it, with the aim of correct incorrect passages or perhaps to adapt the document to a specific job offer.

Finally, it is also possible to ask ChatGPT to optimize your CV because it passes the first ATS filters: The Applicant Tracking System which automatically remove applications that are not in line with company requests.

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