ChatGPT, dark web data: OpenAI blames users

For several days, nothing has been talked about other than what happened to users with an account ChatGPT. It would have been discovered that the credentials of at least 100,000 people would have ended up in the food dark web.

These would then be put up for sale, giving life to a sort of auction. All this means that anyone could take possession of the data, the requests made to the chatbot and any personal secret. A response was not long in coming OpenAIa company that created its own ChatGPT: the US organization did not want to take any responsibility, by downloading it in reverse to users.

OpenAI: ChatGPT credentials ended up on the dark web due to user superficiality

During the last few hours OpenAI would have expressed itself on what happened, pointing the finger at users who use ChatGPT. In fact, the company believes that the fault lies only with them and with others practicesfar from perfect from a security point of view, implemented on the web.

In fact, OpenAI claims that among these there is also careless installation of some extremely dangerous applications, often containing malware. This is indeed the case with content such as RedLine, Further e Raccoonapps through which the theft of ChatGPT account data would have occurred.

However, the investigations started, examining all the accounts that would be exposed to this risk.

At the same time, one thing seems clear: OpenAI does not want any responsibility for what happened. The company also confirmed that it used any security measures to safeguard user data.

As stated in the press release published on the web, the company employs industry best practices for authentication and also for user authorization on all services that include ChatGPT.

At the moment the only solution to adopt is to change passwordhoping it will help something.


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