ChatGPT down, OpenAI is having problems

ChatGPT it does not work. Users have identified the problem precisely with regards to the chatbot OpenAI, the giant that deals with artificial intelligence. Apparently the ongoing “down” would affect more of the company’s services.

More specifically, at least as far as ChatGPT is concerned, you can easily log in to the platform, but the most famous AI assistant in the world he wouldn’t be able to answer to user requests. There are many people who have forwarded their report to the famous site Downdetector.

ChatGPT doesn’t work, OpenAI services are down

ChatGPT Down

The reports forwarded on the web have exposed the problem: starting from the hours 14:00 today Wednesday 8 November, the problems began. Just try to have a conversation with ChatGPT to detect the malfunction: any request sent will in fact receive a response with a error message. Here it is:

Something went wrong. If the problem persists, please contact us via the support center at

The ongoing “down” was also confirmed by the OpenAI dashboard. Exactly at 14:54 An internal investigation has started to understand the origin of the problem. Also interested are API of the service. The problem would be affecting not only Europe but also other nations.



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