ChatGPT, here’s how to make it create Excel formulas

The Excel formulas they are a real mystery for many users without advanced skills in managing them spreadsheets. In this case ChatGPT it can represent a real lifeline.

The tool generative artificial intelligence is capable of creating Excel functions ready to be applied to a worksheet. The important thing is to learn how write appropriate requests and never forget to check the validity of the solutions proposals.

How Excel formulas work on ChatGPT

ChatGPT he is a real expert on Excel formulas. The generative artificial intelligence tool of OpenAI has been properly trained on the characteristics and functions of the formulas.

And his know-how certainly doesn’t end there Excel: on the contrary, it goes into detail about the different programs that allow you to work on spreadsheets: Yes Numbers of Apple a Sheets by Google.

The most interesting aspect is that the user does not have to know the syntactic rules of Excel formulas, in fact, he doesn’t even have to know the formula in question.

The interaction with the chatbot is exactly the same as that which leads torunning prompts of another nature. First of all the user describesin a more or less punctual and correct manner, the type of request what he has in mind. After that the AI ​​responds with an output more or less in line with initial expectations.

To ask ChatGPT to create or suggest an Excel formulawe must first of all upload the spreadsheet on which you wish to intervene.

So you have to explain in the clearest way possible the type of problem that has been highlighted and the type of solution you need. For example: I have a list of numbers and I would like to get their sum. Or: I would like the average of sales concluded by professionals A, B and C, during months D, E and F.

How to create more effective Excel formulas with ChatGPT

The secret to getting Excel formulas effective in ChatGPT it is roughly the same thing that lies behind the success of all prompts.

The requests of the user must always be clear and detailed. In this way the AI ​​decreases the risk of misunderstandings and is able to return perfectly adequate output.

In the case of Excel formulas it is certainly useful indicate the range of cells on which you want to intervene. Just as it is fundamental check that the sheet of calculation does not contain errors starting: for example that it does not contain characters where there should be numbers and vice versa.

However, if you don’t have particularly clear ideas, it is advisable rely on the chatbot. This means that it is also possible to upload the spreadsheet by asking what are the best Excel formulas to organize and enhance the data contained within it.

Having said that, be careful not to think that ChatGPT is there definitive solution you have problems with Excel: some formulas may have errors and, more generally, it is always advisable check the spreadsheet manually once the interaction with the AI ​​is concluded.

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