ChatGPT: Now some teachers use it to correct homework

ChatGPT: Now some teachers use it to correct homework

According to reports from Axiosthe use of Writablean assessment tool based on ChatGPT. This, apparently, would allow the use of theArtificial intelligence to facilitate the correction of teachers’ homework.

Writable is designed to simplify the entire process evaluation of tasks, significantly reducing the working time of school educators. The tool offers feedback which, after being checked by the teacher, is communicated to the student. This demonstrates how AI and school are two similar worlds, contrary to the beliefs of many who saw ChatGPT as a simple tool for “copying”.

Despite the undeniable advantages linked to Writable and similar systems, there is also a dark side that should not be underestimated. In fact, “automated evaluation” could make teachers’ feedback less personal, making the learning process colder and more detached.

This, however, is not the only moral dilemma linked to the adoption of AI in homework correction.

Correct homework with AI? Here are the potentials that teachers encounter

Another aspect is that linked to privacy. AI, in fact, is based on data accumulated and processed by cloudwith potential implications of privacy both for teachers and students. Finally, it should be taken into account that (at least for now) ChatGPT is not a perfect tool. Between cases of AI hallucination and potential errors, relying completely on such technology can lead to glaring errors.

All this does not mean that careful use of Writable can actually improve the work of trainers. Not for nothing, Axios highlights several times how this tool is useful for empowering educators, without however replacing their work. As seems logical, then, Writable is certainly not the only solution in this context.

The tools that can provide support to teachers dealing with pupils’ homework are different, ranging from Crowdmark a Gradescope until EssayGrader. In all likelihood, over the months and years their number is destined to rise further.

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