ChatGPT on haywire: AI chatbot provides answers by mixing languages ​​and making up words

ChatGPT on haywire: AI chatbot provides answers by mixing languages ​​and making up words

Social networks (mainly X) have been flooded with reports from users who have noticed anomalous behavior of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s AI chatbot. The latter is literally went haywireand this is demonstrated by the fact that for hours he provided answers with invented words or even mixing multiple languages, English and Spanish for example. In other cases, however, it has repeated the same phrase (or single word) over and over again, thus becoming totally unusable.

ChatGPT said nonsense for several hours: GPT-4 model also hit

The AI-based bot is highly trained and is being improved day by day, but, as OpenAI itself points out, errors must also be taken into account. However, no one expected problems of this typeclearly due to a bug whose cause has not yet been revealed.

The anomaly was reported by consumers to the non-profit company, which was thus able to carry out the necessary investigations. About 11 hours ago the problem (“runexpected responses“, we read) was identified and Resolvedbut the situation is still in a phase of monitoring.

Below are some shared testimonies your X:

So the alarm is over? It seems so, but the malfunction of the last few hours has made quite a few users turn up their noses. Yes, because the bug has hit not just the GPT-3.5 model (the most used one because it is the basis of the free version of the bot), but also the GPT-4 model, i.e. the paid version.

However, this is not the first time an AI bot has lost its mind. In February 2023, for example, there was a moment when Microsoft Bing (now Copilot) responded strangely to users, in some cases offending them and accusing them of being trolls. In November last year, however, ChatGPT had “revealed” to some web surfers of come from the futurewho was able to travel through time and who among his goals was to find evidence about the existence of God.

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