ChatGPT on your finger? Here is the ring to always have AI with you

ChatGPT on your finger?  Here is the ring to always have AI with you

Wearable devices always have a certain charm and, combining them withArtificial intelligencecan only make them even more attractive.

The interesting product falls into this category of products WIZPRa ring produced by VTouch which has the peculiarity of allowing you to integrate an AI assistant into what is apparently a simple ring.

WIZPR is designed forautomatic activation, which occurs when the ring is brought closer to the user’s mouth. Therefore, the device does not require voice commands or similar for activation. The wearer can listen to their assistant through a pair of wireless earphones.

The WIZPR ring, according to its developers, will present several interesting integrations with the AI ​​universe. We talk, among other things, about the possibility of interacting with specific apps on smartphones, but above all about the possibility of accessing ChatGPT, Gemini and other similar platforms.

WIZPR is the ring with integrated AI that allows you to interact with ChatGPT, Gemini and smart appliances

The product we are talking about will also demonstrate a certain feeling in the context of smart homes, with the possibility of interfacing with smart appliancesalways and only through the user’s voice.

For the co-founder and CEO of VTouch, SJ KimAI-based conversational computing will mark a technological step beyond PC e smartphone. The WIZPR project was born precisely on this philosophy.

Despite this, VTouch developers are aware that not everyone is ready for such a drastic change. In this sense, the ring also presents a classic button, pressing which allows you to switch from one AI tool to another without using your voice. Depending on the number of presses performed in succession, WIZPR offers different specific features.

Smart rings are certainly nothing new, with widespread use in the context of health monitoring, with Samsung Ring which represents the pinnacle of the sector so far. Despite this, this product goes in another direction, fully embracing users’ enthusiasm for AI.

WIZPR is available in various sizes and with two colours, black or silver. The price, in the pre-order phase on Kickstarterand of $139 (but it is destined to rise to $199 after the launch phase).

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