ChatGPT Plus: the latest beta allows you to upload and analyze files

OpenAI is rolling out new beta features available to users ChatGPT Plus.

In fact, apparently, some subscribers have reported that a recent update includes the ability to upload files and work on them. In this regard, they also reported the introduction of multimodal support. Basically, users won’t have to select such modes Browse with Bing from the GPT-4 drop-down menu, with the chatbot being able to understand the user’s intentions and acting accordingly.

The new features bring a pinch of what was already proposed with the plan ChatGPT Enterprise, especially in the context of office work. On a practical level, once the file is sent to ChatGPT, it is necessary to wait a few seconds for the platform to metabolize the new content. After this “study phase” the chatbot can summarize data, answer questions or generate visualizations that affect the uploaded file.

ChatGPT Plus loads, analyzes and interacts not only with documents

From what has emerged, the chatbot is not limited to just processing simple text files.

Sul social network Threadsin fact, a user published screenshots of a conversation in which he uploaded theimage of a capybara and asked ChatGPT, via FROM-E 3, to create a Pixar-style image based on it. The same user then repeated the request for the first image by uploading another, this time of a skateboard, and asking her to insert this object into the previous image, creating a fusion between the two.

In fact, however, this new function has potential that is not yet better defined with the OpenAI “creature” which is now able to see, read and listen to different types of content. In the coming weeks, therefore, there will be ample space for the more curious who will be able to test the limits of ChatGPT from this point of view too.


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