ChatGPT will come to all Nothing audio products

ChatGPT will come to all Nothing audio products

Nothing is the first company that will offer earphones with direct integration based on LLM ChatGPT. The feature has officially arrived with the new ones Nothing Ear e Ear (a). It doesn’t end here however, as the company has a pleasant surprise in store for all fans of the famous Chinese brand: Nothing will bring ChatGPT to all its audio products.

All Nothing audio products will receive ChatGPT integration

ChatGPT integration will soon be available on Nothing Ear (1) and all CMF branded earphones. This is the complete list with audio devices that will receive integration support:

  • Nothing Ear 1
  • Nothing Ear Stick
  • Nothing Ear 2
  • CMF Buds
  • CMF Neckband Pro
  • CMF Buds Pro

What this feature offers is the possibility of activating ChatGPT with a simple gesture: just pinch and hold to ask questions, such as directions to a particular place. According to reports, the official launch will begin on 21 maggio next.

This will only work with a Nothing brand phone

Although there is great enthusiasm for this novelty, there is one aspect to take into account: it will only work using the app Nothing X, so it can only be enabled on Nothing phones. In short, those who have one of the Nothing Ear earbuds but have another Android phone will not be able to use this feature.

To enable ChatGPT integration you need to go to the section Controls of the Nothing X app and set ChatGPT as voice assistant.

Although this feature is interesting and very useful at first glance, it could spark some controversy due to its exclusivity. However, it must be recognized that this is a modus operandi already used by other companies, one above all Apple. However, nothing prevents Nothing from being able to open this ecosystem in the future, in order to offer the function to everyone. Soon there will be news regarding the possible opportunities that the function will offer.

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