Check if your Facebook account has been hacked

facebook data breach At the end of last month, Facebook announced what was perhaps the worst security breach in its history, which allowed an unknown group of hackers to steal millions of accounts ‘secret access tokens by exploiting a flaw in the function view as‘.
Facebook estimated that the number of hacked accounts it would have been around 50 million, while a new update published today reduced this number to 30 million and highlighted the users interested in the infringement.
To these 30 million accounts, hackers have been able to extract so much personal information, although the company has ensured that malicious criminals apparently failed to access third-party app data.

Who has one of the hacked accounts on this occasion, he probably had no great signs of the violation, except that he had to log in again on each device.
Now, however, Facebook has published a page where you can find out if your account has been hacked and what it means.
It is really worth checking if your account has been hacked, now and on any occasion, it will happen again in the future, because it is surprising how likely this possibility is.
Not surprisingly, I also discovered through this page that my account was among those hacked, which I already suspected because I had that disconnection in September of which I mentioned a little above.

Data stolen from this hacker attack they therefore concern personal information and therefore: Name, main e-mail address, most recently added telephone number, Username, Date of birth, Gender, Devices used to access Facebook, language, Relations, Religion, City, Work, School and Website, positions, people and pages followed.
Fortunately, passwords and credit card data were not stolen.

Who was hacked, like me, can not really do much now and even change passwords is not needed since it was not between stolen and extracted?
What Facebook recommends to hacked accounts is simply to pay attention, in the coming weeks and months, to the commercial calls you may receive and to emails or spam messages and scam attempts that could be more numerous than usual.
This is because of all the data, that of the telephone number and email are perhaps the most delicate.
Obviously, then, they might have classified our profile to sell it for marketing purposes.

To find out if the account is one of almost 30 million that have been violated, you have to go to the Facebook help center.
If your account has been hacked like mine, you will see a message similar to the one shown in the figure above, which comes from my page.
Facebook says that there is nothing to do, that it is not necessary to change your password (even if it is better to do so) because the passwords have not been stolen.
Facebook says it has reset those token stolen access last month, which is why we were disconnected in September.
At the moment it seems there is no evidence of data released or used, but they could certainly have been saved in a database hidden somewhere.

Generally and for the future, to find out if a Facebook account has been hacked, you need to check the following things:
– If e-mail address, name, date of birth and other personal information, including password, have not changed;
– Friend requests are sent to people you have never met;
– Messages sent to our friends that were not written by us are sent.
– There are our posts in our profile or that of friends when we don’t recognize.

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