Check traffic thresholds and remaining credit (Android and iPhone)

Android and iPhone applications to control internet data traffic consumption and remaining credit with Vodafone, Tim and WindTre

Residual smartphone traffic When using a smartphone or tablet with a SIM card, it is mandatory to subscribe to an Internet subscription to browse with a data connection and use applications, without incurring excessive traffic costs. Modern subscriptions now offer many GB of data included, but it can happen that we download a large amount of data and not actually realize how much we have consumed.

There are several methods for check Internet traffic thresholds on Android smartphones and on iPhone, so that we can always know when we have used up our subscription. You can monitor the remaining credit and the other parameters included in the offer (such as the minutes and SMS included).

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1) App My Data Manager

My Data Manager The best way to control metered internet connection thresholds is to use the app My Data Manageravailable for Android and for iPhone.

This app allows you to measure, in a very precise and clear way, the internet bandwidth consumption while we navigate with the smartphone and also measure the consumption of each single application installed.

This is its best feature because, if an app uses too much data in the background, consuming a good part of the subscription threshold, we can intervene, blocking it and banning him from using the data connection (he will only use WiFi from now on).

After installation on Android, we open the app, press the button Menu to enter the options and set the subscription plan by tapping Set Data Plan. From the next menu, simply enter the monthly threshold in MB or GB of your subscription plan to begin monitoring data usage on your phone.

If the threshold is approached, My Data Manager sends an alert on the screen to warn the user to pay attention. There are then several very interesting additional features including the analysis of daily traffic to generate a forecast on how much will be consumed monthly. Finally, there is no shortage of widget to add on the home screen for always keep an eye on the thresholds.

Alternativelywe can also use others app to monitor Internet data usage and consumption and data connection traffic thresholds such as Watchdog, which allows you to configure credit thresholds to avoid exceeding them.

2) Apps from Italian telephone operators

Telephone app If you use a WINDTRE plan, the best way to see the internet consumption thresholds and the remaining credit for subscriptions and top-up cards is the WINDTRE app, which can be downloaded for Android and for iPhone. The Widget is available in three sizes and allows you to select your plan, automatically downloading the residual thresholds with updates every hour.

If you use a subscription or a rechargeable one Vodafone we can use the app My Vodafone Italiaavailable for Android and for iPhoneexcellent for entering customer service and seeing the promotion counters as well as the remaining credit.

TIM offers an app called MyTIMavailable for Android and for iPhonewhich allows you to monitor all the meters of the active offer, as well as the remaining credit and other useful information on the line.

If we have a season ticket Fastwebwe can use the app MyFastwebavailable for Android and for iPhone able to display a counter with data traffic, SMS counter and the number of minutes consumed up to that point. It also provides a convenient widget (connected to the SIM inserted in the phone) to be able to view the meters without even opening the app.

With regard to Iliadwe wrote an article specifically with apps for check Iliad residual credit and offer counter.


If we want to know the maximum speed of our line, we can use Internet Speed Meter, app to measure the speed and internet traffic of your Android mobile phone which we talked about in another article.

For iPhone we recommend reading the guide how to check data traffic consumption on iPhone.

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