Chrome and privacy: Google settles a $5 billion lawsuit

Chrome and privacy: Google settles a $5 billion lawsuit

Google settled a lawsuit from 5 billion dollars which concerns the violation of privacy and, more specifically, the use of incognito mode Of Chrome.

The class action, filed in 2020, saw millions of users move against the Mountain View giant, which would still have collected data from the people involved during protected browsing. The prosecution pointed the finger precisely at the aforementioned incognito browsing which, in theory, should have prevented the websites visited from tracking users’ operations.

In this context, the collection of personal datawith information regarding acquaintances and friendships, purchasing habitsbut also others personal aspects. Once the agreement was reached, Google had to dig into its wallet, with compensation of approximately $5,000 for every single person involved in the legal action.

Chrome, the grain of incognito browsing: 5,000 dollars refund for each user

The IT giant obviously tried to defend itself, claiming to have one transparent policy regarding the data collected during incognito browsing.

Despite this, in the summer a judge rejected Google’s request to dismiss, underlining that users had not been adequately warned of Chrome’s policies in this particular browsing context.

On the other hand, it must also be said that many users are not fully aware of how anonymous browsing is not comparable to total privacy protection, as instead happens with the adoption of a VPN.

This trial adds to a long list of lawsuits involving the Mountain View company. Just think of the dispute with Epic Storeor the even more recent compensation case linked to Google Play Store. 2023, certainly, from a legal point of view, was not an easy year for Google.

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