Chrome for iPhone allows you to have the search bar at the bottom

At least as far as visual impact is concerned, the app Chrome are iOS it is very different from the version dedicated to Android. This difference continues to accentuate with the new possibility that now allows us to move the address bar but only on iPhone. This can in fact be positioned at the bottom of the screen.

On every iPhone, the URL appears at the top, with a toolbar at the bottom showing a few options including forward/backward buttons, new tab, all tabs set, and a three-dot menu.

By moving the address bar down, something new happens: this will go to combine perfectly with the toolbar. The visual impact will therefore be very similar to Safari. Although by making this choice there will no longer be an item at the top of the screen, you can still swipe to update.

iPhone: Place Chrome’s address bar at the bottom, here’s how

It takes very little to make this change. Users will have to press and hold the bar, choosing “Move the address bar down“. This can also be done through the settings, by choosing the “Address bar” item. In this case it is necessary to have at least the version Chrome 119.

Naturally now the question is obligatory: will this possibility also be available for Android users? In reality the situation is a little more controversial. In the 2016, Google began testing a design that made it possible to move the address bar to the bottom of the screen. All of this led to Chrome Duet, which never launched and was abandoned in mid-2020.

As you have seen, it is really simple to move the address bar down on iOS. This could be the right experience to make developers understand that it won’t be that difficult to implement everything on Android too. Furthermore, the desire of the users of the green robot is precisely that, that is, to have the possibility of moving it downwards as well.


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