Chrome: here’s which extensions slow down your browser the most

Chrome: here's which extensions slow down your browser the most

One of the strong points of Google Chrome it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the wide choice when it comes to extensions. Not everyone knows that, however, these additions have a more or less considerable impact on performance.

The development team carried out a careful study on this aspect DebugBear. Specifically, specialists analyzed approx 5,000 extensions, studying its performance impact on Chrome. As you can imagine, not all add-ons behaved in the same way, allowing DebugBear to compile a list of the extensions that have the greatest impact on browser speed.

In general, navigation seems to slow down the most VPN. These generally slow down browsing by an entire second on average. By routing traffic to a server that acts as a “middleman,” this result was somewhat predictable.

However, there are also other extensions that can have a significant impact on performance.

Chrome extensions and slowdowns: this is how VPNs and adblockers behave

The researchers named the names of Trancy AI Subtitleswhich takes care of the automatic generation of subtitles, and Klarna Pay Lateruseful for online purchases.

In fact, extensions that run code after the page has loaded can also have negative effects. Not only that: even additional components that seem to have no particular impact on uploads can still hinder the user experience on a practical level.

Some password manager, for example, can “brake” Chrome by a few milliseconds. Nothing that intense, as long as these slowdowns don’t add to other extensions. Different story for the famous ad-blocker which, in some cases, allow the user to earn on loading times.

Experts, therefore, recommend installing extensions reliable, without exaggerating the number. Furthermore, to better understand the impact of extensions on Chrome, DebugBear offers a specific tool made available for free to everyone.


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