Chrome, leap in quality for security: here’s what changes

Chrome, leap in quality for security: here's what changes

To maintain its predominant position in the browser industry, Google is constantly working to improve Chrome. Precisely in these last hours, in fact, the instrument Safe navigation browser has gotten a substantial update.

This functionality provides users a list with thousands of websites considered unsafe. Every time a user lands on a page of these sites, Chrome triggers a locking systemwarning of risk.

Thinking of Safe Browsing as a static list, however, is a serious mistake: Google says the list comes updated every 30-60 minutes, every day of the week. Despite this, even that half hour can be fatal for the most unlucky users.

The recent updates cover this “blind spot” of Chrome, substantially reducing the range of action of cybercriminals.

Chrome and Safe Browsing: with the help of Fastly’s server, greater security for users

To better explain the latest update it is good to give a practical example.

If a user visits a website that is not in the above list, Chrome will examine theURLbreaking down its data and sending everything to a server Fastly, specially designed for this purpose. The same server will examine the data with its own database, adding a layer of protection compared to the classic Safe Browsing list.

Although the Fastly tool and server work thoroughly, they do not collect data IP addresses of individual users, maintaining a high level of privacy. Among other things, Fastly manages its own server independently, without offering data to Google.

Apparently, the new version of Safe Browsing will be activated automatically once Chrome gets the specific update. As confirmed by a Google spokesperson, the update is already available for desktop version e iOS of the browser while, regarding Androidyou will have to wait a few more days.

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