Chrome, no more chaos with tabs: Google's definitive solution

The tendency to open too many tabs in your browser is a habit for many users.

In this sense, apparently, Google has a solution ready for Chrome which could bring order to the chaos As noted by Leopeva64 are Xa new edition of Google Chrome Canary (the version of the browser that allows users to test experimental features) contains a new tool called Organize Tabs located in the top left corner of the browser.

By clicking on this item, the browser attempts to intelligently reorder, dividing them based on the topics covered. So instead of a confusing series of different cards, these will be placed together in actual ones blocks, easier to manage. Chrome will allow users to rename these groups of tabs, and apparently the feature is so advanced that it may be able to categorize newly opened tabs on its own.

It’s called Organize Tabs, and if you have dozens of Chrome tabs open, it could be very useful to you

The Organize Tabs function could be a small revolution, especially for those who manage dozens and dozens of tabs on their browser. With a semi-automated block system, Chrome could once again prove itself as a leader in its sector. The introduction of this innovation, in fact, could soon be followed by other popular browsers.

This function would be added to the many others that, over the years, Google has added to its software. In this sense, just think about reading mode up to the most recent improvements in the context of online search.


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