Chromecast: how to reboot and restore factory settings

Reboot e restore to factory settings Of Chromecast they are two operations similar only in appearance. On the one hand we proceed with a simple restarting the device. On the other all contents will be deleted saved within it during the user experience.

In both cases it is possible to intervene on your Chromecast by going through theapp Google Home through an external device or alternatively via Google TV and your user profile.

How to reboot Chromecast

The procedure reboot di Chromecast allows you to restart your device, then turn it off and on again. Rebooting sometimes allows for a quick fix small usage problems and it is a procedure often required in case of updating the operating system.

The steps to follow to reboot they change based on the device in use: think of the above mentioned in this sense Chromecastbut also to Google TV.

In case of Chromecastthe user must first log in to the app Google Home via a external device: for example a smartphone or a tablet. From here you must select the menu of settingsrepresented by a gear icon.

Then you need to select theicon which represents three pointslocated at the top right and select reboot by tapping onRestart option.

In case you use a Google TVthe user must first select theicon representing your profile. Generally located in the top right corner of the monitor.

You must then select the item Settings and then tap on System. So all you have to do is scroll through the available options until you find the one dedicated to the reboot: the voice Restart.

How to restore Chromecast to factory settings

The recovery at Factory Default Settings has radically different effects than a simple reboot. In this case, in fact, the user you will lose all apps and information recorded inside the device.

Also there procedure Resetting to factory settings can be performed either from a device Chromecastwhich gives one Google TV.

In case of Chromecast you need to log in to the app again Google Home through a external device. From here you need to select the settings menurepresented by a gear icon.

So you have to tap onicon which represents three points, located at the top right. And then select the item Reset to factory settings.

To restore Chromecast to factory settings from Google TV instead you need to access your own personal profilevia the icon located in the top right corner of the monitor.

Then you need to select the item Settingstap on System and then up Information. Finally, all that remains is to select the item expressly dedicated to Factory data reset.

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