ChromeOS: New default font replaces Roboto

ChromeOS: New default font replaces Roboto

ChromeOS will adopt a new default font for the operating system, replacing robot. The character will in fact be replaced by Google Sanspreviously known as Product Sans.

A change which, although at first glance may not have much impact on the usability of the Chromebookactually has an impact that should not be underestimated when it comes to user experience.

Google Sans is already known to users. Even if few are aware of it, in fact, this is present in the Google websitesalso appearing inapp Filenel menu Quick Settings and not only. The new font appears similar to Roboto and, for this very reason, for many users it is not a “traumatic” change. Despite this, some users have been lukewarm about this news.

ChromeOS, goodbye to Roboto and welcome Google Sans: here is the new font

Changing a font in the context of an entire operating system remains a radical intervention.

An example, in this sense, is changing the default font of Wordpassing from Calipers ad Apartments after 17 years. A replacement poorly digested by many.

Although Roboto is an appreciable font, Google Sans is an almost inevitable choice for the Mountain View giant. The font in question has been studied down to the smallest detail to best represent the company. As already mentioned, in fact, this is present in the official Google documentation. The font in question was introduced in 2015, in the context of an operation to enhance the company’s brand.

On the other hand, Roboto will not be “retired” yet. According to some code fragments analyzed by the site 9to5Googlethe old font may still be used for certain symbols not yet supported by its replacement.

As regards the actual replacement, there are no precise dates. Despite this, it seems unlikely that the introduction of Google Sans will already happen with the release 124 Of ChromeOS. Much more likely, the actual implementation will happen with the 125between the end of this month and the beginning of June.

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