Cisco introduces AI supercomputer network chips

Also Cisco he is actively interested in artificial intelligence and all the revolutionary solutions seen over the last few months. The company recently launched the Room Bar Pro with AI to implement it in video conferencing services such as Webex and Microsoft Teams. However, this is not the only interesting solution that the network equipment supplier has in the pipeline.

According to a new report released by Reuters, Cisco Systems has unveiled the start of testing for a revolutionary series of network chips designed explicitly for AI supercomputers. Their trial would be taking place at “five of the six major cloud service providers” and would allow the hardware to compete directly with offerings from giants such as Broadcom and Marvell Technology.

Cisco punta all’IA con chip per supercomputer

Cisco’s goal is clear: to provide the best solutions for the future of cloud computing and for the implementation of artificial intelligence on advanced systems, in light of the growing popularity of services such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and Bing Chat. These supercomputer chips are not known in any detail, but will perform best when paired with Cisco’s latest generation G200 and G202 Ethernet switches.

Cisco Logo

The ecosystem of Cisco components would enable the management of highly efficient workloads for both AI-related and machine learning activities, reducing energy consumption by up to 40% and optimizing the infrastructure to get more accurate results at a faster rate.

With competition between operators becoming increasingly evident, Cisco is betting on the long term in order to deliver safe and performing solutions for the years to comeleading the development of generative AI in cloud environments.

Source: Reuters


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