Big news coming for owners of devices with iOS: Anthropicthe startup that operates in theartificial intelligence and which gave birth toLLM Claude 3, is about to launch its mobile application chatbot AI.

With this move, the company continues its climb to the top of the AI ​​sector, making access to these technologies much easier even for users mobile which are (almost) “getting the better of” desktop ones. Let’s find out more about it.

Claude 3 arrives on iPhone, what changes

With the arrival of the official application of Claude 3all mobile devices will be able to access the artificial intelligence services offered by Anthropic e much more immediately in completely free way.

In the same way as the web version, in fact, il basic model it is totally free and, furthermore, it is also possible to switch from mobile to web (and vice versa) by synchronizing all the conversations you have had with the chatbot, without losing your chat history.

Besides, users will also be able to upload images and videos by accessing directly gallery of your iPhone or, if they prefer, take a picture in real time, letting Claude analyze the uploaded content without any difficulty.

As just said, access to the basic model is totally free but the application can also be downloaded for those who have a subscription plan, with the possibility of accessing all the advanced features of this tool from a smartphone.

In short, the development of Anthropic’s tools is moving quickly, and already a few weeks ago the startup had stated on the official blog that its large linguistic model had already surpassed the other “reference points” in the sector, ChatGPT e Google Gemini.

From what has been shared, in fact, it seems that Claude 3 is capable of developing one way of reasoning much deeper and more efficient than the competition, coming as close as possible to the idea of ​​a brain allegedlycon very detailed answers (supported by complex reasoning) it’s a very big speed in the execution of tasks that adapts to practically any context.

More news from Anthropic

In addition to the arrival of the official application for iOS, users who use Claude they also have access to a new subscription option, the piano Team which guarantees many additional features compared to the Pro level, to obviously satisfy the needs of workgroups with multiple users.

This subscription method allows you to process longer documents and is clearly developed to simplify collaboration and the sharing between various users. Furthermore, the Team plan also allows access to all models of the Claude 3 model family, with the possibility of using Opus, Sonnet e Haiku at the cost of $30 a month for each user per month, with a minimum number of five people for each team.

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