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Claude challenges ChatGPT, he is the AI ​​of the startup Anthropic

The competition forgenerative artificial intelligence more advanced has just begun, and Anthropic is emerging as a serious contender in this race. It’s about the startup italo-americana founded by brothers Dario and Daniela Amodeiwho spent a good part of their career at OpenAI before deciding to strike out on their own with Anthropic.

And well, now she’s ready to challenge the giants like ChatGPT, Bing Chat AI, Google Bardma also the Chinese proposals and the Elon Musk’s xAI project who wants to “understand the true nature of the universe”. The creature of Anthropic, Claude 2is the second generation of a chatbot powered by generative AI which promises to take AI to the next level. But let’s proceed step by step.

The birth of Anthropic

Anthropic’s adventure begins in December 2020when the Amodei brothers decided to leave OpenAI, a company they would soon become famous for ChatGPT. At that time, OpenAI was already receiving huge investments from Microsoft, but the two founders of Anthropic began the solo race in the mare magnum of artificial intelligence.

Certainly not great timing given that the software house led by Sam Altman was about to explode as the “revelation of the year”. And given that at OpenAI, Dario held the role of vice president of research, while Daniela was vice president of security, it is difficult that they did not expect what would happen.

Who bet on the startup

Regardless of any second thoughts, in May 2023, Anthropic receives an important vote of confidence from Spark Capital which with the support of Google, Salesforce Ventures, Sound Ventures, Zoom Ventures and other investors, introduces as much as 450 million dollars in a Series C funding round. While the amount is much less than the $10 billion that Microsoft has put into ChatGPT’s pot, it still represents significant funding that has fueled Anthropic’s growth.

In reality, already in February, Google had invested another 300 million dollars in the startup, demonstrating its commitment to supporting the development of Claude, the artificial intelligence chat ready to challenge ChatGPT. Zoom Video Communication, led by Eric Yuan, announced another important investment, the details of which however remained strictly confidential, with the expectation of integrating Anthropic’s technology into their video conferencing platform, which is a direct competitor to the one proposed by Microsoft .

Anthropic is on the right track

The funding received from Anthropic made it possible to launch Claude 2, the second version of the chatbot powered by generative AI which, according to the startup, offers superior performance compared to the previous version and significantly limits the ability to generate false or harmful content. A fundamental step forward to guarantee a safe and reliable use of artificial intelligence. It remains to be seen what the evolution of this competition will be and how Anthropic and Claude 2 will position themselves in the increasingly crowded AI landscape.

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