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Clean the USB-C port of a device, here’s how to do it

The porta USB-C of their devices is continuously exposed to attacks by external agents come dust, dirt and other impurities which, in the long run, could penetrate inside and ruin it.

Of course, the cover modern they have covering systems that block (or at least slow down) the penetration of dirt into this crack, however this solution is not always as effective as it should and, sooner or later, it will be necessary clean the USB-C port of your device.

Let’s find out how to do it quickly and easily and, above all, without risking damaging it.

How to clean the USB-C port of a device

The first thing to do to clean the porta USB-C of your device is blow air into ittrying to eliminate any impurities present.

To do this, you will obviously need one can of compressed air and, with a few simple “sprays”, the cavity should be as good as new.

The suggestion is to hold the can vertically to avoid spraying any liquids inside the door and, very importantly, keep the right distance to avoid damaging the pins with too strong a jet of air.

If the cleaning was not optimal, you can try with a toothpick to be inserted delicately inside the door to scrape away any debris anchored to the connector.

We recommend start from the edges and, with great caution, get closer to the centertaking care not to force your hand too much but trying to scrape off all the foreign material.

Then it is advisable to use the can of compressed air to remove any impurities remaining inside the connector.

The operation can be repeated several times, always paying close attention and never forgetting work gently.

What not to do to clean a device’s USB-C

Among the behaviors to avoid to best clean the USB-C port of your device is that of fit objects directly inside, leveraging it to better detach the dirt.

This operation, in fact, could break or damage the contacts and make the input unusable.

If you don’t have a can of compressed air available, it’s better avoid compressors more powerful or other similar systems that could have excessive pressure and damage the device.

We recommend do not use cotton swabs which, in addition to being too large for a USB-C, could fray and leave cotton threads inside the device that are very difficult to remove.

Of course it is inadvisableuse metal objects which could damage the electronic components and, in the worst case, also cause a short circuit.

Also use objects that are too sharp it could be counterproductive and harmful to the door itself.

Finally, it may seem trivial to say it, but it’s better avoid using liquids, given that they could compromise the functionality of the device and break it forever.

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