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Like all social networking sites, Facebook often becomes the receptacle of all our thoughts and frustrations, to the point of leading subscribers to publish information that, in other cases, they would have communicated to the world only if they had been paid. Facebook is a really powerful tool that can be used productively for a variety of purposes but requires some care to avoid becoming a problem. This is why it is important to clean up your Facebook profile to get rid of old information, news that it would have been better not to share, funny photos but still not really to show to anyone, and so on.In the following guide, we will show you how to clean up Facebook and the fastest ways to achieve this, so as to share only correct information or delete some posts or photos that perhaps we no longer need to show, especially if we have made a big change in our life (a new job could be a motivation more than valid to clean up the Facebook profile for good).

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How to clean up a Facebook profile

Over the years Facebook has offered increasingly simple and immediate tools to be able to quickly check the information shared on the profile, so as to be able to clean up all the superfluous or incorrect information at any time of the day. In fact, in the following chapters, we will show you how to proceed step by step, so as to have in the end a profile cleansed of all that we now consider superfluous.

Profile management

The first part of the diary to check is the profile information page which probably updates very rarely. To access the profile, press the top right on the name to see how others see us on Facebook and change the cover and profile photo, especially if we did it a long time ago; for the other modifications, we can also press the key Edit profile.

Please note that the profile photo is the only image that cannot be hidden and made private. Pressing on the tab Information immediately under the profile photo we can update the sections relating to education, work, and basic information. For all the various sections you can customize the level of visibility, being edited, by clicking on the symbol of the world or that of friends.

Taste and interest management

Once you have access to your profiles it is also advisable to update tastes and interests; to proceed, all we have to do is bring us to our profile, click on the tab Other and choose the menu “I like it”, so you can see which pages or content we have liked, including your favorite movies, music, books, and other things.

For every favorite thing, be it a movie or an artist, there is a fan page that you can visit and of which you can receive updates. In this regard, we can also read our guide How to hide “likes” and personal information on the Facebook diary.

Photo Management

The photos represent the most delicate part to check, both because every person now publishes all the photos of every event in which they participate, and because even when they don’t, their friends take care of them. Since it becomes very easy to forget uploaded photos, it is a good idea to review them from time to time to make sure there are no inconvenient or disliked things. To proceed with this review let’s go back to our Facebook profile and press on the tab Photo, so you can delete the ones you don’t like anymore, perhaps by saving them first on your computer.

For the photos in which you are tagged, we can remove the tag with your name, this does not delete them but makes them practically impossible to find for anyone else and for the search engine. Editing of tags can also be done from the menu Settings and privacy -> Activity log, so as to check all the photos in which we have been tagged or in which we have added the tag ourselves.

Pages management

The pages followed can be managed exactly as seen for personal tastes and interests: all we have to do is open the profile, take us to the tab Other, press on the menu “I like it” and scroll down to find the page to manage, perhaps also helping us with the tabs at the top.

Within this section we can put on the name of the page and, once opened, press on You like to remove the liking on that page. Since some may have changed their names or been abandoned or closed, you should be careful not to be a fan of pages praising political or illegal topics.

Group management

On Facebook, it’s really easy to add people to groups, without waiting for their approval. To manage groups, all we have to do is open the main Facebook page and press to the left on the menu Groups. From here we can easily check invitations and requests of all kinds; it is better to check which groups you are a member of and, if necessary, remove from those you do not like and in which you do not want to participate.

From the list of groups, click on the pencil next to the name and leave the group, with the optional option of automatically rejecting any future new invitation.

Apps and games

Apps and games are the order of the day on Facebook, and just click on a Like on a website or start a game to install one. Over time many applications are associated with their Facebook profile and it is easy that some of them are now dead and no longer functional; for safety, it is better to remove those that are no longer used.

We can access the list of games we like or have used in the past by taking us back to the user profile, by pressing on the menu Other and choosing this time Apps and games. If, on the other hand, we want to check which external apps use Facebook data for access, all we have to do is press the arrowhead at the top right, take us to Settings and privacy -> Settings and open the Apps and websites menu, so that we can remove any apps or games still active on our profile.


Friends are the very essence of Facebook and must always be added. To quickly access the list of friends and manage it, just go to the main Facebook site and press Friends list, so you can manage the most important groups and also view a complete list of all the contacts present. Important friends should be put on the list Closer friends while the unimportant ones go on the list Acquaintances.

On the same screen, in addition to the predefined friend lists, it is possible to create new lists of friends on Facebook. We can too move friends to the Facebook acquaintance list to hide their updates, so as to block them from viewing the things we share or add to the profile, without losing the friendship. In another article, like hide a friend from other friends.

It is also worthwhile, if possible, to delete inactive friends with deactivated accounts without profiles.


In conclusion, you can check what others can find about me in different ways, starting from “Likes, passing through the list of interests and tastes, up to every single comment released or status update. It’s never too much. late to give Facebook a good clean-up, repeating the process every 2 or 3 months, checking all the information about us that will be found in the social search.

In all this we must not forget the privacy issue, which is often underestimated on Facebook: to learn more, we invite you to read our guides Facebook privacy management: Settings and control e Quick changes to privacy on Facebook and activity log with filters.
If we want to find out what friends and strangers see when they visit our Facebook profile we can read our in-depth analysis What friends and strangers see of me on Facebook; privacy settings guide.


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