Try the “Play a Kandinsky” sensory experiment, an interactive site that combines music, art, and colors

plays a KandinskyGoogle has released a new interactive graphic and sound experiment that is very special, among the most informative and interesting ever. It is a sensory experience that takes up one of the most famous paintings by Vassily Kandinsky and that leads us to listen to what the painter may have heard while painting his art.

To understand the meaning of this website we need to talk about Synesthesia. Synaesthesia, taking the words of Wikipedia, is therefore an automatic and involuntary reaction to distinct but coexisting sensory stimulations (auditory, olfactory, tactile, or visual). For example, synesthesia occurs when hearing a particular sound causes the reaction not only to auditory but also to another sense, such as sight. Some of the greatest artists in history, such as Kandinsky, have experienced synaesthesia, that neurological condition that allows you to “see” sounds or “feel” colors.

Google collaborated with experimental musicians to study Vassily Kandinsky’s writings that detail the association between shapes, colors and sound. Through Artificial intelligence, the web application could be created Play a Kandinsky, a machine learning-based music game simulating what Kandinsky may have heard while painting the famous painting Yellow Red Blue.

Playing a Kandinsky begins with explanations of some basic examples of what synaesthesia might look like form-sound or color-sound. You can then interact with the site and play with Kandinsky’s painting by clicking on the various colors to hear a symphony of combined sounds. Some shapes and colors sound very relaxing, while others generate more violent or loud sounds.

It is really worthwhile for everyone to open and try the site Play a Kansisky its Google Arts and Culture. It is not a very easy site to understand, it is not a game to have fun, but rather it is the exploration of a work of art and the experimentation of applied synthesis

Speaking of similar projects, we recall that other experiments based on Kandinsky’s art can be found among the interactive music experiments to be played in Google Music Lab.

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