Complaint Stealer alert: malware targets wallets and hotels

Thanks to the work of IT security experts, a series of campagne malware which spread the same malicious agent.

We are talking about Complaint Stealer, whose massive diffusion began in the middle of the current month, with a strong growth trend. This infostealer has as its main objective accommodation (come hotel) e crypto walletswhile not disdaining the theft of any information stored on the browser of the victim.

In this regard, it has been observed that the malware seems to also be interested in evaluating the technical specifications of the Graphic card. This, according to insiders, could portend that a future update of Complaint Stealer could include functions of cryptojacking.

The malicious agent in question, to increase its effectiveness, often makes use of legitimate software such as AutoIT o PKWARE.

Complaint Stealer malware spreads through phishing emails

Malware spreads through systems phishing. Apparently, the campaigns were originally focused on targeting customers in the hotel industry, exploiting emails with complaints about accommodations, staff behavior and similar situations.

According to the analyzes of experts, Complaint Stealer is able to bypass various protection systems such as Secure Email Gateway (SAY), Cisco Ironport e Microsoft ATP. In addition to the aforementioned phishing emails, the malware is spread through password-protected archives, which can be downloaded from a popular file storage and sharing platform.

As far as prevention is concerned, this is typically possible with respect to any type of malware. As well as a good dose of cautionespecially when receiving suspicious emails, there is the adoption of an excellent antivirus. Staying up to date on news in the context of cybersecurity is another way to limit risks and not be caught unprepared.


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