New PC Desktop PCs, despite the thrust of tablets and laptops, are not destined to disappear at all and, even if they take up more space, they are a better choice for having a cheap home computer, so you can work or study more precise compared to a simple tablet or smartphone. We had already talked about which pieces to buy to build a great PC your PC first, listing different alternatives to buy on Amazon, with different prices, without entering into specifics.
In this new guide, we will show you the components to make a good one Very cheap desktop PC that allows you to do almost anything, spending a maximum of € 300 (without a monitor, which we removed from the expense, assuming we already had one).READ ALSO: Build yourself a perfect PC to buy on Amazon

How to build an average € 300 PC

For this guide we will show you two configurations, both very valid to make the computer cheap: one involves the use of the Intel platform, the other provides instead of the use of the AMD platform. In this price range, AMD is preferable because it has better performance. In another article, we saw the differences between Intel and AMD processors.

PC with Intel platform

If we prefer to build a cheap PC using Intel components, we recommend getting the following components:

  1. Processor: as the heart of the system we chose the Intel Core i3-9100F (95 €), which has four cores with a maximum frequency of 4.2 GHz, therefore suitable for any daily operation.
  2. Motherboard: to be able to correctly support the processor without spending too much we have chosen to use the MSI H310M PRO-VDH PLUS motherboard (€ 65), which has all the ports and slots necessary for future updates.
  3. RAM memory: as DDR4 RAM bench we chose the HyperX FURY DDR4 8 GB (37 €), a very fast memory (at 2400 MHz) and with the right amount of memory to manage the Windows 10 operating system and the main programs used at home ( browser, Office and study programs).
  4. Internal memory: as a disk to start the operating system and keep the files we have chosen to use the Sandisk SDSSDA240G SSD 240 GB (€ 36), an extremely fast and sufficiently large solid-state disk.
  5. Houses: To save money we decided to focus on a case with an integrated power supply such as the Itek River Mini Tower (€ 28), so as to have everything you need to start your computer. This case supports the form factor of the motherboard and has numerous front doors, so you can connect USB sticks and other peripherals without having to bend over the back of the case.
  6. Mouse and keyboard kit: to minimize the bulk of the wires, we focused on a wireless mouse and keyboard kit such as the TOPELEK Wireless Italian Keyboard and Mouse (€ 24), so you could move the cursor of the operating system and write to Word without too many problems.
  7. Wi-Fi adapter: if we want to connect our desktop computer to the home Wi-Fi network, we advise you to focus on the small TP-Link TL-WN823N adapter (€ 10), which can connect to any 2.4 GHz network at a speed of 300 Mbps.

With a total expenditure of € 295 we will have created a fairly powerful computer, with all the latest components, a very high execution speed (thanks to DDR4 and SSD) and with the possibility of connecting it even in Wi-Fi, without having to use an Ethernet cable to connect it to the router. If you have noticed the absence of a video card, you don’t have to worry: the new versions of the Intel Core integrated a video chip adequate to reproduce all the special effects, manage the playback of videos in Full HD and also play some light games.

PC with AMD platform

(recommended for price and services)
If instead, we prefer to build a desktop computer with the AMD platform, we will have to view the following components:

  1. Processor: for our cheap AMD branded computer we chose the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G (€ 92) CPU, equipped with four 3.5 GHz cores and a Radeon Vega 8 Graphics video chip, more than enough to reproduce any graphic effect, to reproduce Full HD videos and to play some light games.
  2. Motherboard: obviously to maintain compatibility with the processor we will have to focus on a compatible motherboard like the ASUS PRIME A320M-K (€ 57), which supports socket AM4, DDR4 memory and provides an HDMI port to quickly connect the monitor.
  3. RAM memory: to take full advantage of the new processor, we recommend that you use the Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 GB DDR4 (€ 47) as a memory module, which thanks to the 3000 MHz frequency will allow you to quickly exchange data with the other components on the motherboard.
  4. Internal memory: for the system disk the same SSD seen for the Intel configuration is fine, that is the Sandisk SDSSDA240G SSD 240 GB (36 €), a very fast drive with any configuration.
  5. Houses: also in this case we have decided to focus on a case with an integrated power supply, and the Itek River Mini Tower model (28 €) is also perfect for the AMD license plate configuration.
  6. Mouse and keyboard kit: as a complete mouse and keyboard kit we can focus on the same kit seen for Intel, the Italian Wireless TOPELEK Keyboard and Mouse (24 €), more than adequate to properly manage the operating system and programs.
  7. Wi-Fi adapter: if we want to connect the AMD configuration to the home Wi-Fi network, just use the small TP-Link TL-WN823N adapter (€ 10), already seen above.

With a total expenditure of € 294, we will have a computer with AMD technology extremely fast, just install Windows 10 and all the most famous programs to start using it right away.


With just € 300 we showed you two excellent PC Desktop configurations, equipped with everything you need to be able to surf the Internet, view some videos in streaming or in Full HD on your PC, chat on Facebook and use the study and work programs without too many worries. Let us remember that in the proposed configurations there is no monitor: we can recycle that of an old PC or buy a new monitor, like those recommended in the guide on New computer monitor: what features it should have.

If we want to spend a little more, we recommend that you read our guide on how to Buy an excellent assembled PC of 600 Euro.
If instead, we don’t know how to assemble the internal components, we can read our Guide to assemble a PC and assemble the computer parts, so as to learn the rudiments of the IT technician and assemble the PC by yourself.


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