Compress videos and reduce file size on PC

Compress videos Portable devices have the defect of having a very limited capacity compared to computers: this means that in most cases we will have to compress the video on the PC and that we want to move inside our smartphone or tablet.
You can also opt for watching streaming videos perhaps by uploading videos to sites like YouTube, with the problem, however, that the videos will only be available if the device is connected to the Internet, which is not always possible and which drains the battery very quickly.
In this guide we will show you how compress videos to reduce file size so you can upload them to portable devices. Compressing a video can mean decrease its size or resolution or only reduce the size of the video file, keeping the original resolution.

How to compress videos on PC

Below we will show you immediately the best free programs that we can use on each version of Windows to compress a video in both ways described in the introduction: decreasing the resolution or just the size of the final video file.


Handbrake is one of the best programs to convert and compress videos on PC.

By opening the video inside the program we will be able to choose preset profiles in order to optimize any movie or film for viewing on an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android smartphone, immediately obtaining both a lower resolution and a very small file size.
We can go deeper into the topic by reading our own guide to reduce videos without losing quality with Handbrake.


Another valid program to compress videos and reduce the file size is Adapter, available free for Windows and Mac.

We will thus obtain a simple graphical interface in which to drag the video to be reduced and choose the format in which to convert it, using the lower output field. Once you have chosen the format, just press on Convert to begin converting and reducing the size of the video file.

Simple Video Compressor

If we are looking for a program to reduce the size of the videos without changing the resolution, we can try Simple Video Compressor, available for Windows.
Simple Video Compressor

With this application we can quickly compress any video simply by adding it to the interface and pressing the button Compress Video; the compression level can be changed below, so you can choose whether to create a very small video file. Before the actual conversion, the program will show us in a window the estimated dimensions of the new video, so as to know approximately the space that we will be able to gain.
Among its most interesting features we also find the integration in the context menu of Windows: just press the right button on any video in File Explorer or Windows Explorer and use your voice Compress with Simple Video Compress to immediately get a file size reduction.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is without a doubt one of the best programs when it comes to manipulating video files, given its great simplicity.

In addition to being facilitated by buttons in Italian and self-explanatory, this program has ready-made video conversion profiles: just select what you want to do with that file and we will find it converted and reduced in size, especially by choosing profiles for Apple or for Android .
You can also use DVD or HD mode to keep the video at the optimal size for a TV or monitor and then reduce the file size in a personalized way, by typing the figure of MB that you do not want to exceed.Obviously you shouldn’t overdo it because the more you compress, the more you lose quality.
The defect of this program is that in the free version it puts one frame at the beginning and one at the end of the video with the writing of the program.

Format Factory

Format Factory is an alternative program to Freemake, a little less beautiful to look at but which still works very well as a video converter.
Format Factory

Here too you can choose an optimal video format for smartphones or tablets or convert the video to MP4 or AVI. The program allows you to choose the output format after conversion, the quality and size of the video.
In case of doubt, we recommend choosing the presets for iPhone and Android, so as to be on the safe side and get a small video file whatever the starting video.

Other programs and sites to compress videos

The programs we have reported above are in our opinion the best for compressing videos and reducing the size of files on PC, but we can still test other valid software and websites with the same features, such as those in the list below. :

  1. Vidcoder is the best program for those looking for a light tool (also in portable version) easy to use and specialized in compressing videos. Unlike other programs, this supports batch processing, i.e. it allows you to select multiple video files and compress them at once.
  2. is a web application, excellent if you cannot use programs, which works entirely online and which allows you to compress videos from your PC or even those that are in Google Drive.
  3. Free Video Compressor supports numerous video formats including MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, to compress most of your favorite movies and videos and save some disk space or memory.
  4. Video Converter Expert: another valid 4dots program to quickly convert video files to formats compatible with iPhone and Android.
  5. Gihosoft Free Video Converter: very complete and functional program to convert all videos and compress the final file by choosing the resolution and the bitrate.
  6. File Converter: very simple file converter available in the context menu of Windows, so you can convert any large file on the fly into a file suitable for use on smartphones and tablets.


If we need to compress a video to be able to upload it to a mobile device, here at the top we will find all the best free programs that we can use on any computer, even those with Linux or the computers produced by Apple.

For completeness, any program you use to compress a video, it is important to know the meaning of certain key terms, which are briefly explained in our Guide to video formats, codecs, bitrates and containers.
If, on the other hand, we are looking for a way to compress files directly from smartphones or tablets, we invite you to read our guide to App to compress a video on Android.


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