Computer Bonus 2024: it is not possible to request it, for now. Here because

Computer Bonus 2024: it is not possible to request it, for now.  Here because

Yet another initiative to reduce the “digital divide”, the Bonus Computer 2024 it is an opportunity reserved for students and their families to purchase a computer. It doesn’t matter what type it is: it can be a desktop, a notebook, a 2-in-1 convertible. Furthermore, it does not matter whether it is new or refurbished: the Ministry of Business and Made in Europe (MIMIT) will provide 300 euro in the form of voucher to anyone entitled to access the bonus itself.

Practical guides for obtaining the Computer Bonus are already available online which mention the steps to follow to request it through theIO appan increasingly central tool in relations between citizens and the Public Administration.

The truth is that the 2024 Computer Bonus does not yet exist and cannot be requested

Everyone peeling their fingers to inform about mode useful for obtaining the Computer Bonus. Yet, incredible but true, not only in the IO app there is no trace of the “button” to access the initiative (it should be present in the section Walletimmediately highlighted) but not even on the MIMIT website there is the slightest reference to the instructions to follow.

Attention, we are not saying that the news of the Computer Bonus is false, but at the moment what has appeared in many online newspapers – while referring to sources close to the Ministry – it is not absolutely feasible in practice.

Probably, theaccess to the bonus it will be possible by touching the icon Wallet and, at most, using the “+” symbol at the top right of the IO app, and then finally choosing Discounts, bonuses and other initiatives. For now, however, there is nothing.

PagoPA confirms that the Computer Bonus cannot be requested via the IO app

The IO app development team itself confirms that at the moment the possibility of requesting the Computer Bonus through the application is not contemplated. We have also requested more information to understand if and when interested parties will be able to take advantage of the initiative. Here is the answer that came to the editorial office fromPagoPA assistance:

We are aware that some media outlets are spreading this news, however we confirm that it is not possible to request the PC Bonus via App IO.
We invite you to always refer to our institutional website for future communications.

Bingo! Dozens of online publications talk about how it is possible to obtain a bonus which still, in fact, does not exist. We remember that PagoPA is an electronic payment system that facilitates financial management between Public Administrations and citizens. It is not a direct payment platform, but a system that allows payments to be made via participating Payment Service Providers (PSPs), in a standardized way. In this specific case, PagoPA is also the developer of the IO app.

Limitations for requesting the new Computer Bonus

Again according to sources close to MIMIT, the Computer Bonus cannot be extended to the entire group of Europen students but will be limited only to those who reside in a family whose indicator ISEE do not exceed 20.000 euro. To calculate this value which expresses, overall, the economic situation of the family, it is possible to use – for example – the INPS simulator.

Again according to rumours, those who choose to take advantage of the 2024 Computer Bonus cannot have benefited from similar initiatives in the past. Furthermore, the 300 euro discount on the purchase is limited only and exclusively to computers, not to peripherals such as printers, routers and other accessories.

Recently the IO app has modified the login mechanism, making continuous authentication with SPID and CIE unnecessary: ​​you can therefore keep an eye on the application and the content of the PagoPA website to check when the Bonus will actually arrive.

Furthermore, at this point it would be appropriate to publish a clarifying statement.

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