How to unlock the router ports to pass traffic from specific programs through “port forwarding”

Apertura door router Il Port forwarding it remains an obscure concept for many users and even the most experienced may encounter difficulties if they have not studied computer network concepts.

Port forwarding refers to the operation for which the data transfer from one computer to another via a specific router port. This is because every program or service that connects to the Internet must use specific ports to work: some are available for daily use and therefore always “forwarded”, while other ports must be opened manually in order to transfer data from that specific port. towards the computer that is to receive them.

This operation is essential when we use P2P programs (BitTorrent, eMule), if we set up personal servers or if we want to configure programs such as VNC for access to the outside, since the port is not always available immediately.

In the guide that follows we will show you how to set up port forwarding on a router or modem to open portsso as to be able to use the service associated with that port without obstacles (for example on P2P programs we will get the maximum possible speed).

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Use UPnP to automatically unlock doors

Many modern modems and routers support UPnP to automatically open the ports required by the programs we open on the computer, so as to avoid the necessary step of manual configuration. To be able to use this automatic system effectively we must first of all set a static IP on your computer and, subsequently, open the settings of the program that requests a specific port, so as to be able to activate theUPnP, NAT-PMP or similar items.
UPnP Torrent After activating the voice, we wait a few seconds, so that we can get the door open for that specific program.

Obviously in order to use this trick you need that your modem supports UPnP and that this function is active on the network; to check the presence of this function we need to access the modem settings, as also seen in the guide on how to enter the router to access the settings easily.

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How to manually open doors

If we have UPnP disabled (for safety) and we still want to open the ports of the modem or router we can do it manually, but technical skills of a higher level than normal computer skills are required. Below we have collected the procedures for the main modem manufacturers on the market.

After wearing it on the AVM FRITZ!Box

Self modem AVM FRITZ!Box we can quickly configure port forwarding by opening a browser from one of the connected PCs, typing in the address bar and typing the modem access password. Once inside we press the bottom right on the item Port enablingwe press the button Add device for authorizationsselect the IP of the computer on which we have to forward the data, press down on New authorization and we indicate the door to open.

Open ports on TP-Link modem

Another very famous modem and router manufacturer is TP-Link. Those who have a modem from this manufacturer can configure port forwarding by opening a browser from a connected computer, typing in the address bar and logging in with your credentials. After the access we press up on Advancedlet’s get to the menu NAT Forwardingwe press on Virtual servers and press the button addso you can configure the rule name, destination IP address and port number to open.

Open the ports on the Fastweb modem

We have already explained in detail how to open the doors of a Fastweb router by opening a browser connected to it, typing in the address bar and entering the login credentials. After entering the credentials let’s go to the menu Advancedwe press on Manual door configurationwe press on Add new port mapping and enter all the data required for forwarding (IP address and port number).

Open the ports on the TIM modem

Who owns a TIM line can easily open the ports of the proprietary modem by opening a web browser (always from a device connected to the same modem), by typing in the address bar and, after logging in, just go to the menu Access Control -> Port Mapping and press on Create new rule to open the desired door or doors.

Open the ports on the Vodafone modem

If we have a Vodafone modem of the latest generation it is possible to open the doors in a similar way to when seen on the TIM modem. To proceed we open the browser, type in the address bar and enter the credentials to access the settings. From the settings let’s take the path Avanzate -> Port Forwardingchoose the type of service, set the IP and indicate the port to be forwarded.

After installing the WindTre modem port

WindTre modem owners they can open doors by typing in any connected browser and entering the login credentials. In the screen that will open, press the button at the top right, let’s go to the menu Networkwe select the item NATwe press on Port Triggering and then on Add New Ruleso as to be able to open the ports to a specific IP address.


Port forwarding or port forwarding is a very technical operation that is hardly taken into consideration by common users, since it is not necessary to surf the Internet or to use the most popular programs. But if we have game consoles, if we use P2P programs or we have a server installed in case we have to learn all the procedures for port forwarding, enabling the necessary ports in the modem settings.

For those who want to learn more about modem configuration, you can read our guides on how configure the modem for TIM, Fastweb, Vodafone, Wind and how connect a new router to the modem without changing networks.


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